Autonomous Materials Transport Systems


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Autonomous materials transport systems that improve safety, efficiency, productivity, and patient care while cutting operational costs

JBT’s goal is to help you provide world-class healthcare by making everything that’s going on “behind the curtain” work seamlessly, dependably, safely, and without mistakes. We accomplish this with our line of field-tested and proven Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) and Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs):

Your custom network of mobile robots can take over the routine material deliveries required in your healthcare facility. Your individual mobile robots are united into an advanced, high-performing Automated Transport System (ATS) when integrated with JBT’s proprietary software.

CARE team

In effect, your tailored ATS releases your highly trained staff to spend their time directly caring for patients. No more manually pushing heavy carts down long corridors or performing repetitive tasks that tie up valuable resources from patient care!

Other benefits achieved with the proper JBT automated systems implemented at your facility:

  • Improved productivity and efficiency
  • Greater delivery accuracy
  • Increased safety and cleanliness
  • Reduced costs
  • More predictable operations
  • Flexibility to adapt to shifting needs
  • Protect your hospital from unplanned operational disruptions (i.e.COVID-19 pandemic, staff shortages, etc.)

JBT mobile robots deliver safety and precision you must have and the logistical gains you’d like to have – all while controlling expenses in your patient care departments. The combined net effect is an increase in patient care and your ROI.

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Product Portfolio

General Information

7,000+ vehicles operating globally • 700+ systems with millions of hours of stable operation • 40+ years of application knowledge

  • COMPREHENSIVE – Advanced approach to safety consisting of design, components & risk assessments.
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE – World’s largest team of applications, design, and integration experts.
  • PROVEN – System manager running standard and custom vehicles.
  • FLEXIBLE – We lift high, heavy, and complex for your most challenging applications.
  • SCALABLE – Enterprise ready solutions to grow with your business.
  • CYBERSECURE – SOC2 audited and ISO27001 (certification pending)
  • RELIABLE – Support to maximize performance across your lifecycle.
  • STABLE – 36+ years of continuous customer support