Our AGV Benefits

Join the growing list of industry leaders that have improved their operations using AGVs:


An investment in AGVs is expected to deliver a quick and substantial return. We can help you find the best projects to pursue. Projects that will improve your operations and maximize your return, providing paybacks in less than two years.  Or consider leasing for off balance sheet financing.


Accidents involving manual fork lifts are receiving greater scrutiny by regulators. These avoidable accidents are behind the trend found in many large companies who are creating “fork-free” environments or at least eliminating a significant portion of their manual fork lift fleet. AGVs come to a safe stop before contacting an obstacle and their controlled acceleration/deceleration and predictable movements make them very easy to work around for all employees in the area.


Your commitment to your customers is to provide the highest quality products at the lowest price. AGVs help you deliver on that promise. We free up your employees from the most monotonous tasks so that they can be reassigned to tasks that add real value to your products.


What if the right materials arrived at the right place, at the right time, just in time, every time? Your whole operation would operate more efficiently. AGVs operate as the cornerstone of efficient manufacturing strategies including lean, sequencing, FIFO delivery, automatic pull, and just-in-time.


Even if you are lucky enough to avoid personnel injury in a fork lift related mishap, product and plant damage is common and costly. Avoid the hidden costs associated with downtime, repair, cleanup, etc. by using AGVs.


Our SGV Manager tracks all material movements made by AGVs, giving you full visibility of where deliveries were made and when. There is no waste associated with materials delivered to the wrong place, searching for lost product, or expediting deliveries for items you know are already in-house.

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