Employment Privacy Notice

Effective Date: June 15, 2017

This Employment Privacy Notice describes how the John Bean Technologies entity to which you are applying, and any of the related John Bean Technologies entities, (the “Company”) collects, stores, and uses the personal information you provide through this website. This is a job recruitment and application submission website. This Employment Privacy Notice applies only to information submitted through this website, and not, for example, to information that may be submitted to another portion of the Company website, to a third party website or to information submitted off-line. Please read this Employment Privacy Notice before submitting information to this website.

By submitting your personal data in connection with an employment inquiry or application, you are consenting and agreeing to the following things.

Use and Disclosure of Your Personal Information

This website collects job application information from job applicants seeking employment with the Company. This information includes, but is not limited to, name, street address, contact information, educational background, employment history, job interest, and voluntary demographic information The Company, its subsidiaries, and its affiliates use this personally identifiable job applicant information solely for the purpose of managing the application and recruitment process, and for related human resources purposes. The Company may process your personal data for the purposes of reviewing your application or inquiry, and communicating with you about such inquiry or application.

By submitting your personal information, you grant the Company the right to use your personal information for recruitment and selection purposes, and for related human resources functions. This may include transmitting or sharing your personal information to and with the subsidiaries, affiliates and third party agents of the Company for purposes of human resources management, assessment testing, and other related services. While the Company’s subsidiaries, affiliates and third-party agents may come into contact with your personal information, they are only given access to (or are allowed to collect on Company’s behalf) the information they need in order to perform specific tasks related to managing the application and recruitment process and the related human resources processes. They have no independent rights to your personal information, and they have agreed to protect the confidentiality and security of this information. You will also be provided with separate documentation where you may authorize the Company to obtain your consumer reports and/or investigative consumer reports from third-party agents for employment purposes.

Third parties who may receive your information in connection with your submission of application information on this website includes iCIMS, Inc.

As the Company is a global business, any personal information may need to be transferred between locations around the world. The Company may process your personal data in the United States or in such other location(s) as the Company reasonably deems appropriate and the Company may move that information from one place to another, including, but not limited to, into or, out of, places in which the law regarding personal data that applies in your current or home jurisdiction do not apply. In these circumstances, appropriate measures will be put in place to ensure the protection of candidate’s personal data and, where required, the necessary authorizations for the transfers will be obtained from the relevant authorities in compliance with applicable law.

The Company will use the personal information you submit for the purpose of filling the specific job position you have applied for. After the position is filled, the Company will retain the personal information you submitted for the period of time required by applicable law. For the first year of this retention period your application may be considered for new positions which become available which may fit your background unless you decline to give such permission to the Company.

Where the circumstances associated with your provision of your personal data indicate that ongoing communication is requested or contemplated (such as, but not limited to, when you sign up for a newsletter, or similar communications), the Company may process your personal data for such purposes within the reasonable scope of the kinds of contemplated communications.

Security of Your Personal Information 

This website has security measures in place to protect against unauthorized access, misuse, disclosure, or alteration of your personal information. While the Company has instituted commercially reasonable security precautions to protect the privacy of information submitted to this website, the Company cannot guarantee security or confidentiality against all hackers, other attacks, or other security failures. To the extent that the information is in the possession of the Company, the Company will not knowingly disclose your information to any third party other than in accordance with this Employment Privacy Notice or in order to comply with applicable law or legal process. Portions of this website are created and maintained by iCIMS and are governed by iCIMS’s Privacy Policy.

Your Duty to Ensure the Accuracy of the Information You Submit 

The Company takes reasonable steps to ensure that information you provide to us is maintained in an accurate and complete manner. We provide you with the ability to examine your personal data as part of the online application process and to make changes by editing, deleting, or appending your personal information you provide on this website. It is your responsibility to review your information and ensure its accuracy. In addition, if you wish to make any changes to your personal information you do so at any time by logging into the system. 

Understanding and Agreement

When you submit an online job application to the Company, you signify your understanding and agreement to all of the following terms: (1) the application is not an offer of employment and by accepting your application, the Company does not guarantee that you will be offered a job; and (2) misrepresentation or omission of material information from your application and/or resume submitted to the Company may result in rejection of your application.

Terms of Use 

When you access this website, you signify your agreement to the terms and conditions of this Employment Privacy Notice. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions discussed herein, you should exit this website now. 

Changes to this Employment Privacy Notice 

The Company reserves the right to update and make material changes to this Employment Privacy Notice and to its practices in handling personal information to the extent permitted by applicable law. Any changes to this Employment Privacy Notice will be posted on this website.

Contact Us 

We hope this policy answers your questions about our collection, use and disclosure of your personal data. If you have additional questions about this Employment Privacy Notice or the practices described herein, you may contact us at [email protected] or write to us at the following address:

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ATTN: Human Resources
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