Also known as “top carriers,” unit load automated guided vehicles (AGVs) date back to the earliest days of robotic vehicles. Their staying-power in the automated systems world is due to their flexibility and durability. You can use JBT unit load AGVs to carry various load types — efficiently, accurately, and reliably.

JBT unit loader AGVs are ideally suited for:

As such, you’ll find that carrier AGVs from JBT form a vital part of warehouse distribution systems and production facilities in a range of industries, like: 

JBT Unit Load Conveyor Deck

Conveyor Deck

Perfect for handling pallets and racks, our conveyor deck automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) smoothly transfer loads to and from conveyors. Equipped with a variable speed […]

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JBT Unit Load Lift Deck AGV

Lift Deck

Ideal for handling pallets and racks, our lift deck automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) transfer loads to and from stands. These vehicles can carry several different […]

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JBT Unit Loader AGVs, the Only Way to Go

For companies that are serious about properly implementing automated systems, JBT is the go-to supplier of AGVs. With decades of experience and a hard-earned reputation for excellence, our unit loader AGVs are consistent high-performers — and you reap the rewards.

Equipment that Exceeds Expectations

JBT’s unit load AGVs are loaded with the features and functionality to get all your material handling activities accomplished — smoothly and safely in a precise and timely manner. Even with just a quick scan of some of their winning attributes, you can begin to realize the benefits  of our exceptional machines.

  • Unblemished safety and performance records
  • Variable lift heights up to 30ft (9.1m)
  • Models with capacities up to  30,000lb (13,600kg)
  • Electric/hydraulic lift options
  • High-maneuverability
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Integrates with AS/RS, conveyors, and other plant equipment
  • Work well with variety of stands, pallets, environments, and materials and goods
  • Intelligent design that’s sturdy and compact
  • Customizable and scalable
  • In-house service, support, parts, and upgrades available

Results You’ll Love

Across the board, our customers are seeing the positive impacts of owning JBT unit load deck AGVs. How would you like operational and financial improvements like:

  • Fewer human-made mistakes
  • Predictable material flows
  • Improved workplace and employee safety
  • Improved product safety and quality
  • Greater inventory accuracy and traceability
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Less product damage and loss
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs
  • Less facility and equipment wear and tear
  • Predictable logistics costs for 10-20 years into the future
  • Fewer safety-related insurance risks and claims
  • Greater resale value and potential

JBT’s Got It All

Your business probably needs more than just a unit loader to do all the jobs that need doing. Regardless of your industry or applications, JBT products, services, and support are up to the challenge.

As a comprehensive solutions provider, we’re ready and able to help you thrive in the face of your many and diverse operational demands. With JBT in your corner, your work gets simpler and yields better outcomes.

An Equipment Portfolio That’s Beyond Compare

Maybe today you’re only in for a lone lift deck or petit fleet of conveyor decks. But, perhaps now or sometime down the line, you’ll be in the market for other automation solutions.

JBT’s standing by with a vast selection of automated guided vehicles. With AGVs like these, there’s no telling to what extent you can streamline operations: 

Join companies worldwide who are taking advantage of JBT technology. They can count on us and our products — day in, day out — because our systems stand the tests of time and extreme usage. And this means our customers are more productive while cutting costs..

Industry-Leading Software & Services

JBT is esteemed for more than its hardware. Our decades of experience and innovation in Automated Systems ideally positions us to provide you with:

Software and services are frequently the missing puzzle pieces. Once you have them in place — you’ll have the complete picture: many individual supplies and machines, operations, and personnel interlocked into a single, unified system that really works.

JBT, the Automated Systems Ally You Deserve

Running a complex business is complicated. Having an expert partner to turn to — for advice, troubleshooting, planning, and more — may be the thing that spins the wheels of fortune in your favor.

With JBT, you get more than the quadfecta of stellar equipment, software, services, and support. We aspire to build an ongoing, collaborative relationship with your business so that we can better serve your needs. Doing so brings a synergy to  — which means you’re able to squeeze even more value out of your end-to-end JBT experience.

The Solutions You Need — We’ve Got

If you’re looking for a one-stop source for all your Automated Systems needs, JBT’s it. You’ll find every bit of automation equipment, service, and support your operation requires. Reach out today — and see how we can help your business enjoy even more success.


We’re here to help every step of the way.