Small-yet-powerful towing automatic guided vehicles that are built to last and able to tug loads of up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg)

Does your factory have raw materials, work-in-progress, or finished goods that need to get moved around? We’re guessing you’re nodding your head “Yes!”

Moreover, you need to do all this correctly, efficiently, and securely. Automation that’s accurate, maneuverable, and dependable is an obvious must, especially for predictable repetitive tasks.

JBT’s line of tugger AGVs is an ideal option. Our robotic AGV towing vehicles offer you a sturdy, simple solution to all of your load-transferring needs. They’re able to:

  • Haul more loads per trip than other AGVs, making them incredibly productive
  • Interface with other automated systems, including forked AGVs
  • Be fitted with different hitch types in order to suit your operation and your budget
  • Accommodate many load sizes to maximize productivity and efficiency in your facility

Our automatic tugger AGVs are so rugged and reliable that they’ve practically been standard equipment in automotive plants — for years and years. Being so versatile and tough, you’ll find JBT AGV forklifts hard at work across many other sectors and applications, too.

One Drive Tugger

JBT Tugger AGVs, Always a Smart Way to Go

JBT’s towing automatic guided vehicles have earned an admirable reputation in the Automated Systems market. In addition to lower ownership costs and best-in-market resale value, you’ll find plenty of other reasons why our tugger AGVs lead the industry.

Even just a quick glance at some of our equipment features and options is all you need. You won’t be able to resist imagining JBT’s AGV towing vehicles making your once-daunting warehouse labors feel like easy work.

  • Models with capacities up to 50,000 lb  (22,600 kg)
  • Spotless safety record across all applications
  • Interfaces with AS/RS, conveyors, racking, and other plant equipment
  • Works well in many industries, applications, and environments, including rigorous manufacturing
  • Automatic and manual control options
  • Nimble movement for better control
  • Small footprint enables access into tighter locations
  • Intelligent design that’s sturdy and efficient
  • Customizable to match your operational requirements today and in the future
  • In-house service, support, parts, and upgrades available

If these high-level advantages have piqued your interest, you’ll love the more-detailed list below.

Features & Benefits

Your JBT automatic tugger AGV has a full complement of features to help you get tasks done as quickly, accurately, and safely as possible — every single time.

  • Eco-Friendly — All-electric power with lithium-ion batteries for emission-free, long-duration energy
  • Versatile — Ideal for a variety of load types, industries, and applications
  • Efficient — Hauls greater loads per trip making it more productive than other types of AGVs
  • Safe — 360⁰ obstacle detection facilitates security of personnel, goods, and facility
  • Integratable — Interfaces with other automated and manual equipment for seamless operations
  • Control — Laser-guided automatic and pendant-controller manual operation for precision, speed, and safety
  • Agility — Highly maneuverable for ease of use and job precision
  • Accommodating — Can be loaded or unloaded manually or automatically
  • Compact — Efficient design packs lots of features in small-footprint vehicle for improved energy usage and facility access
  • Connectivity — Includes ball, pin, and automatic hitches for hook-up ease and flexibility 
  • Adaptable — Custom capabilities available to tailor tuggers to your needs
  • Rugged — Able to withstand harshest environments makes them suitable for heavy industry
  • Support — Backed by excellent service, technical expertise, parts, and more

Questions about these features or how they benefit your operations? Contact our team today.

Options & Models

Because no two operations are the same, we offer different versions of our AGV towing vehicles. No matter if you’re pulling pallet dollies of parts or wheeled carts of WIP, JBT has a tugger for you.

One-Drive Tugger

One Drive Tugger
Efficient towing vehicle for handling loads of up to 20,000 lb (9,072 kg)

Three-Drive Tugger

Three Drive Tugger
Extra agile tower capable of hauling loads of up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg)

Let our team know if you have any questions about these products — or how they benefit your operations.

JBT, More Than Just Towing the Line

Your job is complicated enough without having to sweat over easy-to-resolve challenges. Working with JBT could make your work simpler and help you generate better results. Sounds like a win because it is a win.

JBT’s extensive portfolio includes products, services, and support to address the many and diverse activities running a business involves. If you’re searching for material handling equipment or logistical assistance — JBT has it. We’ve got the solutions you need for smooth and efficient operations.

Comprehensive Material Handling Equipment

Those towing AGVs circulating on the floor are definitely stellar and essential pieces of machinery. However, a total material-handling solution they are not.

With a finger on the pulse of your broader needs, we’ve assembled a thorough product lineup that includes other powerhouse JBT robotics:

JBT hardware is serving companies around the world. Why? Because these customers continually experience peak performance of their material handling operations. Warehouse managers, inventory handlers, and support personnel know they can trust JBT to deliver — consistently.

Unparalleled Software & Service Excellence

Best-in-class machinery isn’t all JBT has to offer you. As a market-maker in Automated Systems, we can also provide:

  • Software to design and manage your operations
  • AGV Engineering Services for research, analysis, modeling, and more
  • PRoCARE to make preventive and maintenance care for your AGVs simple

Often, software and services are what creates a unified and effective system from otherwise stand-alone supplies and equipment, operations, and personnel.

JBT, Your Material Handling Systems Partner

Warehouses can sometimes seem like a beehive of chaotic activity. With JBT at your side, you’re not facing it alone. Working as a team, we can bring order to your operations with a swarm of world-class AGV material handling robotics complemented by knowledgeable, dedicated support.

At JBT, we take the long view — beyond the single sale of today to how we can continue helping you into the future. Our goal is to build an enduring and collaborative relationship with you. (It’s the best way to strengthen your business and ours!) It also lets us show you the attention and respect you’ve earned. 

Bottom line? You can count on JBT to be here for you before, during, and after your purchase. Our experts are ready to assist you at any point — so you can get the most benefit from JBT.

Comprehensive Solutions for You

JBT is the sensible solution for your end-to-end Automated Systems needs. We can provide all the equipment, services, and support you need. Contact us today to see how we can take your material handling operations to the next level.