Perfect for pulling wheeled carts, our towing, or tugger, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) haul more loads per trip than other AGVs. As a result, they improve productivity even more than other models. Our towing AGVs can interface with other automated systems, including forked AGVs. Plus, they can be modified with several different hitch types in order to fit your operation and your budget. Available in three standard capacities, our towing AGVs maximize productivity and efficiency in your facility. 

Features & Benefits

  • More productive than other types of AGVs
  • Interfaces with other automated equipment
  • Can be loaded or unloaded manually or automatically
  • Ideal for puling wheeled carts


  • Typically operate in a loop
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • 3 standard capacities

Options & Models

  • Standard capacities include:
  • 2,100lb (950kg)
  • 10,000lb (4,500kg)
  • 30,000lb (13,600kg)
  • Custom capabilities also available
  • Hitch types include:
  • Ball
  • Pin
  • Automatic 
  • Compact design