JBT special application AGVs are optimized to address material handling challenges that our standard robotic vehicles can’t. They’re a great option for environments with unique constraints or requirements as well as industries with oversized, awkward, or delicate items to move.

JBT AGV for Gypsum Sheets

Sheet Goods AGV

Features & Benefits Stores, stacks, and retrieves 10,000 lbs. Operates 24/7  Eliminates dependency on labor  Powered with proven technology  Handles any sheet goods  Lifts up […]

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Press Loading AGV

Press Loading

Perfect for moving rolls very accurately, our press loading automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) deliver loads to where you need them most. Equipped with a variety […]

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JBT Blank Handler AGV

Blank Handler

Designed to carry steel and aluminum sheets, our blank handling automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) simplify the transport of this cumbersome material. Each model of our […]

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Automated Batch Retort

Specially designed to automate the transfer of pallets between automated machinery like retort sterilizers, our automated batch retort (ABR) automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can handle […]

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JBT Large Roll AGV

Large Roll

Ideal for handling wide diameter rolls of film, plastic, or paper, our large roll automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) simplify the movement of this cumbersome material. […]

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Trailer Loading AGV

Automated Trailer Loading

As supply chain and logistics become an integral part of any successful business, our automated trailer loading (ATL) automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) provide a safe, […]

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Paper Industry AGV


Whether you’re handling un-palletized materials or rolls, our clamp automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can carry the load. Our flat clamp AGV uses a precisely controlled […]

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Ideal for moving hospital carts, our ATLIS automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) transport materials throughout your healthcare facility. Equipped with an electric lift deck, our ATLIS […]

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Custom AGV Missle Cone

Custom AGVs

Meeting unique automation system requirements with bespoke automated guided vehicles (AGVs) Your business is not like others. Thus, the AGVs that are fine for them […]

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JBT AGV Transporters, Always the Right Choice in Robotics

In the world of automated systems, JBT consistently ranks at the top. For all the meaningful reasons that make a difference to you — vast selection of world-class products, unbeatable service and support, and proven reliability and customer results.

Stellar Equipment

On the equipment side, our AGVs have the features and options you need to get every task done correctly every day. With just one quick look, you’ll start to see what sets JBT’s automated guided vehicles apart:

  • Spotless safety and performance records
  • Variable lift heights 
  • Variable weight capacities
  • Electric/hydraulic lift options
  • High-maneuverability
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Integrates with AS/RS, conveyors, racking, and other plant equipment
  • Models that work well with variety of racks, pallets, environments, and materials and goods
  • Intelligent design that’s sturdy and compact
  • Customizable and scalable
  • Works in a variety of applications and industries
  • In-house service, support, parts, and upgrades available

AGV Applications & Customer Wins

From healthcare to construction to manufacturing, customers are realizing real operational and financial benefits, such as:

  • Lower risks of human error
  • Predictable flows of materials
  • Improved workplace, employee, and product safety 
  • Greater inventory accuracy and traceability
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Lower costs associated with product damage
  • Predictable logistics costs for 10-20 years out
  • Fewer safety-related insurance risks and claims
  • Favorable resale value

What Makes JBT — Not Just Our AGVs — So Special

Given that you’re shopping for specialized AGVs, it stands to reason that your job has an extra helping of complexity. Joining forces with JBT could make your work simpler and produce better outcomes.

Our extensive portfolio has all the products, services, and support needed to conquer your many and diverse business challenges. JBT is the total solutions provider you need in your corner office and on your factory floor.

Unmatched Selection of Equipment

Sure, the JBT ATLIS AGVs, sheet goods forklifts, trailer loaders, automated batch retort transport vehicles, or blank handers circulating around your plant are impressive machines. Still, though, they might not form the all-encompassing equipment solution you need.

To that end, JBT’s full automated guided vehicle lineup also includes: 

  • Forked AGVs, a collection of rugged, adaptable vehicles suited to many applications
  • Towing AGVs for hauling wheeled carts 
  • Unit Load AGVs, aka top carriers, to carry various load types 

Companies around the globe leverage JBT technology because they can count on us and our products, always. As a consequence, these customers are experiencing peak function of their material handling and other operations.

Software & Services Excellence

Beyond our second-to-none hardware, JBT is a leader in other aspects of Automated Systems. We can provide you with:

Perhaps unsurprisingly, software and services are often the linchpin that fastens individual supplies and equipment, operations, and personnel together into a cohesive, effective system.

JBT, the Material Handling Systems Partner You’ve Longed For

Having an expert ally at hand is the success factor that was previously lacking. JBT can help you with advice, planning, and more — all the things that make the business-as-usual chaos fall away. As collaborators, we can tame the wilds of your warehouse or fine-tune your facility with a power bundle of highest-quality AGVs, systems design, consultation, and knowledgeable and dedicated support.

We’re in this for the long haul — before, during, and after your purchase. As such, JBT’s eager to establish a lasting, collaborative relationship with you. It’s the best way for us to facilitate you getting the most out of your JBT products and services.

We’re here to assist you. So, don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

All the Solutions You Need

JBT’s the logical answer to your end-to-end Automated Systems requirements. You’ll find we can furnish all the automation equipment, services, and support your business needs. Contact us today to learn how we can improve your material handling operations.


We’re here to help every step of the way.