Each of our Special Application automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) have been optimized to address a specific material handling challenge that can not be adequately addressed by one of our standard vehicles.

JBT AGV for Gypsum Sheets

Sheet Goods AGV

Features & Benefits Stores, stacks, and retrieves 10,000 lbs. Operates 24/7  Eliminates dependency on labor  Powered with proven technology  Handles any sheet goods  Lifts up […]

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Press Loading AGV

Press Loading

Perfect for moving rolls very accurately, our press loading automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) deliver loads to where you need them most. Equipped with a variety […]

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JBT Blank Handler AGV

Blank Handler

Designed to carry steel and aluminum sheets, our blank handling automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) simplify the transport of this cumbersome material. Each model of our […]

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Automated Batch Retort

Specially designed to automate the transfer of pallets between automated machinery like retort sterilizers, our automated batch retort (ABR) automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can handle […]

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JBT Large Roll AGV

Large Roll

Ideal for handling wide diameter rolls of film, plastic, or paper, our large roll automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) simplify the movement of this cumbersome material. […]

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Trailer Loading AGV

Automated Trailer Loading

As supply chain and logistics become an integral part of any successful business, our automated trailer loading (ATL) automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) provide a safe, […]

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Paper Industry AGV


Whether you’re handling un-palletized materials or rolls, our clamp automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can carry the load. Our flat clamp AGV uses a precisely controlled […]

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Ideal for moving hospital carts, our ATLIS automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) transport materials throughout your healthcare facility. Equipped with an electric lift deck, our ATLIS […]

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Some material handling applications require a truly custom solution, and we provide custom-designed automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) to meet these unique challenges. Although these vehicles […]

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