Setup in a server and client configuration, SGV Manager software manages your automated guided vehicle (AGV) system. The server portion, known as SGV Manager Server, controls, coordinates, and monitors all elements of an integrated automated material handling system. Meanwhile, the client, known as SGV Manager Client, provides users with a graphical interface with which they can interact with the software. Both elements can run on the same PC or on separate machines with wired or wireless LAN connections.

Features & Benefits

  • SGV Manager Server:
  • Controls, coordinates and monitors all vehicles
  • Client / server configuration
  • System inventory monitoring and control
  • Historical system data tracking
  • Standard or custom external host computer interfaces
  • Management of wireless vehicle communications
  • Hot backup for automatic recovery
  • SGV Manager Client:
  • Web browser like software
  • Real-time 3D graphics
  • Customizable management dashboard
  • User configurable screens
  • Extensive system diagnostics
  • Exportable reports embedded in Excel make generating reports easy and repeatable
  • Multiple language support


  • SQL Server database
  • Interface to external I/O for system operation