Our most flexible set of robotic vehicles, forked automated guided vehicles (AGVs) offer customers a rugged, adaptable solution to their material handling challenges. 

JBT Counterbalance AGV


Ideal for handling pallets, racks, and rolls, our counterbalance automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) excel in floor-to-floor transfers. However, they are not limited to floor operations […]

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JBT Outrigger AGV


Perfect for handling pallets, racks, and rolls, our outrigger, or straddle, automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) can move materials across your facility or plant. These AGVs […]

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If you have any questions about these products – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

JBT Forklift AGVs – Mobile Robots – Always a Smart Choice

JBT’s robotic material handling equipment has earned an admirable reputation in the Automated Systems space. In addition to lower ownership costs and best-in-market resale value, there are plenty of other reasons why our AGV lift trucks, automated pallet jacks, and other robotic forklifts lead the industry.

One look at some of our equipment’s features and options is all it takes. You’ll probably start imagining JBT fork AGVs making molehills out of mountains in your warehouse.

  • JBT AGVs have a spotless safety record across all applications.
  • Variable lift heights up to 30ft (9.1m)
  • Models with capacities up to 8,000lb (3,600kg)
  • Electric/hydraulic lift options
  • High-maneuverability
  • 360⁰ obstacle detection
  • Interfaces with AS/RS, conveyors, racking, and other plant equipment
  • Works well with double deep, flow, and push back racks
  • Intelligent design that’s sturdy and compact
  • Customizable
  • Works in a variety of applications and industries
  • In-house service, support, parts, and upgrades available


Your job is complex enough. Working with JBT could make it simpler and generate better results.

JBT’s comprehensive portfolio includes an array of products, services, and support to address the numerous and diverse challenges of running a business. If you’re searching for material handling equipment or operational assistance – JBT has it. We’ve got the solutions you require for seamless and efficient warehouse operations.

Best Selection of Material Handling Equipment

That high-bay lift and pallet AGV you have circulating on the floor are stellar pieces of machinery. However, a complete fleet of pickers, placers, lifters, transporters, and so on they do not make.

JBT’s automated guided vehicle product lineup includes: 

JBT hardware is deployed at companies around the globe. Why? Warehouse managers, inventory handlers, packers, and support personnel trust JBT because we deliver – consistently. These customers are enjoying peak performance of their material handling operations. 

Renowned Software & Services

Top-shelf machinery isn’t all JBT’s able to offer you. As a leader in Automated Systems, we can also provide:

Often, software or services are the key to creating a cohesive, effective system from otherwise disparate supplies and equipment, operations, and personnel.

Your Partner for Material Handling Systems

Sometimes pick-and-place operations can seem like a chaotic, freestyle dance. With JBT on your side, you know that you’re not facing the chaos alone. Together, we can bring order to your warehouse – a choreography of world-class AGV material handling robotics paired with knowledgeable, dedicated support.

At JBT, we take the long view. It’s not about a single sales contract for us. Our aim is to build a lasting, collaborative relationship with customers. (It’s the best way to strengthen your business and ours!) It also lets JBT give you the attention and respect you’re due.

That said, you can count on us to be here for you before, during, and after your purchase. Our experts are on hand to assist you anytime — so you can get the most benefit from JBT.

Comprehensive Solutions for You

JBT is the sensible solution for your end-to-end Automated Systems needs. We offer all the equipment and support services you require and are ready to help you. Contact us today to see how we can improve your material handling operations.

JBT’s automated material handling forklifts support industries like:

JBT AGV forklifts are used in:

  • Custom Applications – custom vehicle designs that are applied to unique applications in non-traditional vertical markets
  • End-of-Line Handling – predictable, repetitive maneuvers at end of line provide a substantial return on investment (ROI) and quick payback on operations that run several shifts.
  • Material & Work-in-Process Movement – The right materials that have to be delivered to the right place, at the right time, just in time, every time.
  • Pallet Handling – most common application for automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) for a smoother operation.
  • Roll Handling – paper, textile, flooring, roofing and many other flat substrates that produce rolls/reels at the exit of the process

Upgrading your conventional operation – forklifts and drivers – with autonomous AGV forklifts has never looked so good or been so easy!


We’re here to help every step of the way.