Versatile automated vehicles helping you to optimally meet the ever-shifting needs of the food industry

Food is like fashion – trends change constantly but you still need to stay ahead of the game. You can only do that if you have the right systems in place.

JBT can take care of that! You’ll find our vast lineup of products and services is dishing up what food sector businesses require: versatile, robust solutions. Our food industry automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) streamline your operations, resolve many of the daily logistical challenges you encounter, and adapt to evolving food and beverage demands over time.

Plus, we work closely with our FoodTech group. This gives us invaluable insights into the broader demands of running a food industry venture, like yours. As such, you can rest assured that:

  • You’ll get the proper AGV for the specific activities in your facility.
  • Your JBT AGVs will integrate seamlessly into your overall operations.
  • You’ll have solutions that can meet the needs of your business as it evolves over time.
  • Our AGVs deliver the consistency, safety, and savings that you require.

Food Industry AGVs – Where JBT Excels

JBT can supply a full complement of solutions designed to move the raw goods, packaging and supplies, and finished products around your food processing facility. If you can think of a material handling need – we’ve got at least one or two AGVs on hand for the job.

Our food logistics AGVs are frequently used in applications such as:

Top AGV Products for the Food & Beverage Industry

No two food businesses are alike – processes and priorities are many and varied. Since different components and processes have unique requirements, we offer an assortment of food and beverage AGVs. This makes it easy to have smooth, predictable, secure operations throughout your facility – without the bother of multiple vendors.

Whether you just need one or two AGVs or a fleet of food industry automatic guided vehicles, we’ve got what you need. And, while JBT robotics are hard-working and rugged, we have software and servicesspare parts, and more to truly optimize your equipment and operations.

Smarter Design for Better Food Operations

Anything that streamlines your material handling activities is a win for your business. JBT’s thought long and hard on this – which is why it’s central to our design and construction processes.

Thoughtful engineering is evident in every aspect of JBT products. Features and functionality that boost productivity, equipment longevity, preserve value, and so on have been engineered in from the earliest stages of product development.

JBT does this so you can be confident that your AGVs are:

  • Built from the best processes and materials
  • Compatibility with other automated supply chain machinery
  • Customizable to accommodate your requirements
  • Quicker to get up and running
  • Easier to operate
  • Longer lasting with greater productivity
  • Resellable for more money

Material Handling Made Easy

Handling foods and beverages can be a complicated affair. Orchestrating all the machines, inventory, people, and activities involved in your operation is not a simple task.

But, having many moving parts doesn’t mean accomplishing your work activities needs to be hard or overwhelming. You can outfit your entire operation – from JBT’s impressive portfolio of JBT automated systems – to your exact needs. Having a bespoke solution can mitigate many of the trials you face through:

  • Automated material handling
  • Simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimal operator training needed
  • Reduced risk of human error
  • Options to fit your specific requirements

The combined effect of leveraging the proper equipment, integrated software, and support makes hitting your functional targets – like achieving and maintaining product quality, improving productivity, reducing downtime, etc. – simple. It comes with the territory of using JBT equipment.

Built To Endure

There’s no time in the master schedule for production stoppages due to equipment failures. When your automated material handling systems are offline, everything grinds to a costly halt.

This translates to unfulfilled orders, delayed shipments, idle workers, and so on. It’s an untenable situation. You need machinery you can rely on – every single day.

At JBT, we feel the same way. After all, we’re also a business that has rigorous material handling demands.

It’s for this reason that JBT’s food and beverage AGVs are made to be so robust and dependable. Our AGVs are sturdily constructed by skilled craftspeople using the most durable materials and advanced techniques. Because of this attention to reliability, you’ll experience:

  • Minimal and easier upkeep
  • Fewer and less severe operational issues
  • Fewer and shorter service interruptions due to operational issues

Features & Benefits

JBT robotics are as loaded with features as those racks you’re filling and pallets you’re moving. All these capabilities make for food and beverage handling operations that are as fast, accurate, and secure as possible – every time.

  • Simulations – Computer models to optimize material flow throughout your facility and processes
  • Integrated – Able to coordinate hardware and software to create a complex, fully interconnected system
  • Scalable – Range of options to address your operational needs, even as they change over time
  • Savings – Combination of products and service can minimize ownership and operational costs
  • Efficient – Smooth, just-in-time materials flow facilitates streamlined operations 
  • Safety – Less chance of human error, obstacle-detection sensors, and predictable, controlled movement reduce injuries, accidents, and damage to goods and facility
  • Tracking – Assist with material monitoring for greater accountability
  • Adaptable – Maximum flexibility possible due to easily adjustable systems, which accommodate new guidepaths, additional vehicles, or different facilities
  • Support – Global support staff available

If you have any questions about these features – or how they benefit your operations – contact our team today.

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Comprehensive Automated Systems Solutions

JBT’s isn’t limited to the food sector. Our vast collection of products and services is able to address automated systems needs across the board, regardless of industry. In fact, we’re esteemed leaders in these markets:

Because of our status and reputation, companies around the globe are taking advantage of JBT automated systems. They’re seeing great results when using them for:

What’s the takeaway here? JBT can supply you with the right equipment, services, and support to get every food and beverage handling task completed properly.

JBT, Your Automated Systems Ally

Look no further – JBT has all your automated material handling system needs covered.

A Better Approach

At JBT, you’re not a sale, you’re a valued customer. We are eager to collaborate with you today and long into the future. So, it’s our intention to establish a long-term, productive relationship. This gives us a chance to get to know the needs of your business and to give you the attention and respect you deserve.

JBT Experts at Your Service

JBT’s been amassing automated systems knowledge and experience for well over 50 years. Lean into this! Let our dedicated and talented team be your go-to resource.

We provide superior support because we know running a food industry enterprise can be full of complexities. Sometimes all you need is that extra little bit of help to succeed.

Feel free to contact us with questions or for advice. JBT’s here for you.