Heavy-duty automated systems delivering on the diverse demands of the automotive industry

Today’s cars are amazing machines. Making them requires the highest levels of attention to detail and care in handling. Similarly, every facet of material handling within your automotive manufacturing plant demands equally high precision and performance.

Luckily, JBT knows how to meet – and exceed – these expectations. One look at our track record and you’ll see. For years, we’ve consistently delivered automatic guided vehicle (AGV) systems to major car manufacturers. In fact, many repeatedly  identify JBT as their supplier of choice.

Our automotive expertise carries through every phase of production. You’ll find JBT auto AGVs in powertrain facilities, stamping plants, and assembly locations.

JBT takes it a step further, though. With our Engineering Services, you’ll be able to implement the right machines in the right ways. Through simulations, hardware/software integrations, and technical studies, you’re getting a bespoke installation that’s optimized to meet your needs.

This range of experience – in conjunction with our diverse set of vehicle types – means that you’ll enjoy:

  • Solutions that are reliable, versatile, and efficient
  • Unparalleled service and support
  • Incredible value for your investment

Regardless of the process you want to automate, JBT can help you achieve a fork-free solution.

Automated forklift in car manufacturing facility

Automotive AGV Applications, a JBT Specialty

JBT offers a full portfolio of solutions designed to move parts and assemblies around your manufacturing facility. If you can think of a material handling need – we’ve got an AGV (or two!) that can handle it.

Our auto manufacturing AGVs are often used in applications like:

  • Raw material delivery
  • Work-in-process (WIP) movement between manufacturing cells
  • Finished goods transport
  • Automated trailer loading and unloading

Still, processes and priorities are many and varied. Because different components and processes have distinct requirements, we carry an assortment of automotive AGVs. This makes it easy to have seamless, reliable, secure operations throughout your facility – without the hassle of multiple vendors.

Top AGV Products for the Auto Industry

JBT Forked AGV

Forked AGV

Connected, intelligent, secure, high-productivity automated solutions that enable modern food production facilities to thrive

Special Application AGVs

Special App AGVs

Optimized to address specific food-industry material handling challenges that are outside the scope of standard vehicles

JBT Towing AGV

Towing AGVs

Small, powerful towing vehicles that are built to last and haul up to 50,000 lb (22,600 kg) — that’s a lot of food!

JBT Unit Load Lift Deck AGV

Unit Load AGVs

“Top carriers” that are ideal for transferring your food business’s loads – on pallets and racks – to and from conveyors or stands

Plus, we have software and services to optimize your equipment and operations.

Better Logistics with Better Engineering

Anything that facilitates your material handling tasks is likely to be a welcome addition to your plant. JBT takes this idea to heart. In fact, it’s central to our design and construction processes.

We’ve purposefully engineered-in features and functionality to improve productivity, lengthen the service life of your AGVs, boost ROI, and more. Here’s what smart design in JBT auto AGVs looks like:

  • Built leveraging the best processes and materials
  • Compatibility with other automated supply chain machinery
  • Customizable to accommodate your needs
  • Quicker to deploy
  • Easier to operate
  • Greater longevity
  • Higher resale value

Pick, Place & Move the Easy Way

The end-to-end car-building process involves countless machines, inventory or supply items, people, and activities. Getting parts and WIPs where they need to be – when they need to be there – can be unimaginably complex.

Even though there are lots of wheels in motion doesn’t mean transferring loads from Point A to Point B has to be hard or overburdensome. With a complete line of JBT automated systems at your disposal, you can select AGVs that expressly meet your operational needs.

Having a purpose-built, dedicated solution can resolve many of the challenges you face by:

  • Automating material handling
  • Providing simple, intuitive controls
  • Minimizing operator training
  • Reducing chance of human error
  • Letting you customize options to suit your specific requirements

The total effect of leveraging the proper equipment, integrated software, and support makes achieving your functional targets – like product quality, improving productivity, reducing downtime, etc. – simple. It comes with the territory of using JBT equipment.

Reliability’s Built In

You’re running a tight operation with loads of moving pieces. The master schedule doesn’t accommodate unplanned downtime. When your automated warehousing systems are offline, it’s like you’ve slammed the breaks on production.

This can result in shipments getting delayed, employees being idle, and so on. It’s entirely unacceptable for a modern manufacturer in a competitive economy. You need equipment you can count on – all day, every day.

At JBT, we understand. After all, we’re also a vehicle manufacturing business, too. We face many of the same sorts of challenges you do.

That’s why our automotive AGVs are made to be so robust and dependable. They’re incredibly sturdy, constructed by skilled craftspeople using the best materials and advanced production methods.

Because of JBT’s attention to excellence in our AGVs, you’ll experience:

  • Less and easier maintenance
  • Minimal service issues
  • Less usage interruption caused by operational issues

Features & Benefits

JBT robotics are full-feature vehicles. All these capabilities make for manufacturing plant operations that are as quick, precise, and safe as possible – time after time.

  • Uptime – Maintain productivity with no plant interruptions during installation
  • Seamless – Tight software integration with ERP to track all AGV movements and product locations
  • Flexible – Adaptable solution enables you to meet changing demands
  • Reliable – Facilitate scheduling and production with controlled, predictable parts transportation
  • Optimization – Maximizing productivity by improving operating efficiency
  • Gentle – Soft touch results in reduced damage to AGV-handled parts
  • Support – Global support staff to help as needed 

If you have any questions about these features – or how they benefit your automotive operation – contact our team today.

Auto Industry AGV

Every Automated Systems Solution You Need

JBT’s isn’t limited to automotive applications. Our extensive assortment of products and services can address all your business needs, no matter the sector. In addition to serving the automotive industry, we’re recognized leaders in these markets:

All around the globe, companies around the world are having great success with JBT automated systems. These are just some of the ways JBT technologies are in use:

The bottom line is that JBT can supply the right equipment, services, and support for you to get the job at hand done properly.

JBT, the Automated Systems Partner You’ve Been Seeking

There’s no need to look beyond JBT for your automated material handling needs.

Focused on You

At JBT, you’re more than just a tick mark on the sales report. You’re a valued customer, one we want to get to know and serve. We work hard to create a long-term, collaborative relationship with you. This gives us an opportunity to give you the attention and respect you deserve.

JBT Experts at Your Service

JBT’s been amassing industry knowledge and experience since the era of rear-hinged car doors and the introduction of interchangeable body panels — the 1960s. Make the most of this! Let our skilled team be your go-to automated systems resource.

We provide this level of support because we know running an automotive manufacturing business is rife with challenges. Feel free to contact us if you have questions or need advice as you plan for capital investment. We’re here to help you.