Shipping and receiving in the dock area is typically one of the busiest activities and potentially most dangerous locations in many industrial facilities. Our automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) improve operations in the dock area with fully automated loading and unloading of standard, over-the-load trailers. Our trailer loading/unloading AGV moves pallets, racks or other loads from the end of the line stretch wrappers , the warehouse or staging lanes and places them directly into the trailer. Similarly, we move incoming products and store them where you need them.

Features & Benefits

  • Increase safety with predictable, controlled movement
  • Eliminate potential for incorrect shipments caused by loading the wrong products
  • Eliminate product damage caused by inappropriate handling
  • Reduce truck turn-around times
  • Reduce facility damage, especially to dock doors and other dock area equipment


  • Interlock with dock safety systems (leveler, locks, etc.) to limit operation to safe times
  • Supports multiple trailer sizes and loading patterns including offset, pinwheeling, etc.
  • Optimized vehicle design
  • Less force exerted on trailer flooring compared to manual fork lift truck
  • Maximum ground clearance for uneven dock ramps
  • Cushioned, large diameter tires for gentle handling over dock plate transition
  • Maximum load tilt to match trailer angles

Options & Models

  • Standard capacities
  • 3,300 lb (1,500 kg)
  • 5,500 lb (2,500 kg)
  • Single-Double fork attachment to move 1 or 2 loads
  • Multiple lift arrangements available to meet your maximum height needs and collapsed height limitations