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Empowering Efficiency in Our Operations

Customers know we value relentless improvement, and we strive to model that value across JBT. We regularly seek opportunities to reduce our carbon footprint, optimize our resources, and give new life to what would otherwise go to waste.

Scope 1 & 2 GHG Emissions
(Metric Tons CO2e)

GHG Emissions 2021 22

Energy Use
by Source

Energy Use by Source 2022

Water Consumption
(Million Gallons)

Water Consumption 2021 22

This footprint includes all significant manufacturing sites which represents more than 30 facilities. New acquisitions are added the first full year following their acquisition; as such 2021, does not include Prevenio or Urtasun. Metrics for 2022 acquisitions, Alco and BevCorp, will be included with our 2023 metrics.

Inspiring Employee-Led Action

inspiring employee action

Driving sustainable improvements is a company-wide effort, and we’re excited to see many employees stepping up to do their part. Through our “You Did What?” program, we document employee-led environmental and social initiatives to celebrate and share their success.

Learn more about our efforts to make our operations more sustainable.

ESG at JBT | Sustainable Solutions | Vibrant Workplace