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The diversity of our global team allows us to develop and support a wide variety of products and technologies.

We offer careers in engineering, sales & marketing, operations, manufacturing, as well as other fields. With approximately 5,800 employees and sales/service offices in more than 25 countries, our global presence will only continue to grow. 

Our culturally diverse workforce has contributed greatly to our legacy of innovation and teamwork is one of our core values. We strive to build long-term relationships, continuously expanding our global network, investing in new technologies, and leveraging our industry leadership to enable customer growth and success.

Meet Members of Our Team

Zul SyarifName: Ahmad Zulfikar Syarif
Job Title: Protein Manager
Join date: January 2, 2017

Zulfkar (Zul) joined JBT in January 2017 as a Sales Manager Protein for Indonesia market. He has more than 11 years of experience in Processing and packaging machinery Industries. He graduated from Swiss German University as a Mechatronics engineer.

“I have known JBT for many years and very proud to be part of it for the past three years. Together, we work as a team with strong JBT One Core Value. I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people; who really care about their jobs and are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose to ELEVATE the teams."

Currently Zulfikar work as Protein Manager in JBT Indonesia. He is responsible to develop the Indonesia Protein Market for JBT (Poultry, Meat, Seafood)

"With JBT, we become STRONGER TOGETHER.” – Zul

Albertus RadityoName: Albertus Dipo Radityo
Job Title: Field Service Engineer
Start date: May 1, 2011

Adit is one of our talented service engineer in JBT Indonesia, he graduated in mechatronics and automation engineering. Before joining JBT in 2011, he worked in electrical panel construction and machine construction. Now, Adit works as Field Service Engineer who handles installation, commissioning, service and troubleshooting. 

"Work at JBT gives me an opportunity to meet people and see places around the world! It is a valuable experience to work with as a team at JBT"

For the past seven years, Adit has dedicated himself towards improving professional service not only for our customers in Indonesia but for customers in the APEC region.

"Work with heart." – Adit

AndreaAndrea joined JBT in May of 2015 as a controls engineer for our Jetway® group. After completing a PLC programming internship, she was recruited to apply with JBT in hopes of pursuing an advancing profession. When asked what initially interested her about joining JBT, Andrea said she liked the advancing growth potential and the company’s initiative, “One JBT.” She enjoys working for a company with a culture that emphasizes team work. 

“I love the people I work with; everyone really comes together as a team and helps each other out in tough situations. I’ve also really enjoyed the opportunity to travel to different places and look forward to doing more travelling in the future.” 

In her role, Andrea programs PLCs, HMIs and communications systems for all Jetway® products. For leisure, she enjoys playing weekly games of disc golf with coworkers. Her short-term goal is to get more involved in the electrical design of the control boxes in our PCAire® units. She believes JBT is a great company for people who want to be “challenged and pushed to a higher level.” 

“Always under promise and over deliver.” – Andrea

In the year 2000, Brian stepped into his role as a new member of FMC, our former corporation. After diligently serving in the US Navy for four consecutive years, Brian pursued his career in manufacturing, holding various positions such as service technician, assembler, and mechanical designer for our company. Now, he is an engineering supervisor.

“I’ve been here for quite a long time, and the reason why is because the people are a bonus. Management is really involved, and because of this, we’re able to develop personal connections with leadership. I want to continue progressing where I am and make positive changes that will benefit our successors in JBT!”

In his appreciation for learning, he is currently in the process of completing his Master’s in Engineering Management, after having accomplished his Bachelor’s in Engineering at Daytona State University. For the past seventeen years, Brian has dedicated himself to serving our both our clients and our employees.

“Be humble, be kind and don’t forget the people who helped you along the way. Keep friends and family a priority. Treat people with respect.” – Brian

When he first started as an intern for the Finance Department, Diego, began to only scratch the surface of his journey with our corporation. In the spring of 2015, Diego was an international student at Florida Southern College. He initially connected with a professor who introduced him to JBT for an internship possibility. After being hired as a finance intern and graduating with his Bachelors of Science in Business and Economics, Diego later joined our community as our full time Global Financial Analyst.

“JBT has given me lots of opportunities to learn in a variety of areas. Not only is the company growing, but management is composed of leaders who love to develop and to grow its employees. As a company, they value good work.”

During the completion of his undergraduate studies, he learned leadership execution and resource development. He also attributes his student engagement and professional networking for the shaping of his career. Dedicated and goal-oriented, Diego continues to serve JBT and looks forward to cultivating more business experience and knowledge.

“A positive attitude is key. While your knowledge and abilities are important, at the end of the day, a positive attitude will multiply your value as a person. As long as you develop a driven mindset, anything is possible.” – Diego

Majid has been with JBT for nine years and has previous experience working as a mechanical engineer with combat vehicles and as a consultant within the food industry. He has a Master’s in Mechanical Engineering with a focus on product development. Majid started his career at JBT as a Designer on the Mechanical Design team.

“I have worked at JBT for nine years and never had a boring day. My motivation has always been new exciting tasks, challenges and to work freely within in my role. This is something I feel characterizes JBT! I have designed machines with excited solutions providing our customers the most extreme solutions in the market. I have travelled and got the opportunity to see incredibly exciting things. JBT operates in an exciting industry—an industry in constant development, which itself is a big motivator for me.” 

Today Majid works as a Project Manager in the Operations department, with the Middle East as his business area. He leads projects from start to finish and works with the entire company’s product portfolio. The Project Manager role includes customer contact on many different levels, as well as collaboration and contact with many of JBT’s internal operations.

“The best thing about working at JBT is that there are always opportunities to develop. I also enjoy working with customers in an industry that always requires our enthusiasm and drive to deliver high quality and competitive solutions to our customers.” 
– Majid

Nedjada, a new graduate without any previous experience, started as a Designer on the Mechanical Design team, where she worked with customized order design for about one and a half years. She is now on loan to the R&D division and working on a project to develop a new machine. It is going to be one of the biggest projects so far and when it is finished, Nedjada will be responsible for the order design and the equipment of this machine. 

"It has been a great time for me and I have learned more than I´ve learned through 4 years in school. When I started here I was very nervous but all of my colleagues have been very helpful and patient. I feel very lucky to have found such a good workplace and colleagues. It´s been challenging, educational and fun!”

Nedjada has always had a technical interest and been good at math. She decided to study for a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering because of the focus on the technical design. She soon realized that it was computer-aided product development that caught her interest and decided to take some extra courses to add further focus. Afterwards she studied for a Master’s degree, and a week before finishing her exam, she signed for a job with JBT. Nedjada has now been working in the company for two years. 

“There are great opportunities for personal development here and to change positions within the company. A lot of colleagues have started in my place and are now working in other departments such as R&D, Project management, Customer Service or even in higher positions.” – Nedjada

Samriddh, a food engineer, walked into his first day of work at JBT in Lakeland, Florida, in June 2015. After seeing an email posted for a job opportunity on Cornell University’s website, he immediately applied for the opening. After completing his Master’s in Food Engineering at the university, he felt drawn to join the JBT community as it aligned with his passions. From analytical problem-solving to strategic team work implementations, Sam’s training in his field of study carried over into the scope of responsibilities he performs with our company today. 

“As a newcomer, JBT felt appropriately sized. We are not just another American company, but rather, we are an American company carrying a very global culture. Every day, I meet and talk with people from all around the world—Belgium, Parma, Spain. From growing acquisitions to stable stock increase, the company continues to grow, and I love being part of a business that desires continual progression.” 

Sam believes the company’s reign of success is just beginning. 

“You should always think about what you can do for a company. When we discover how we can add value to others, we are able to find purpose in the role we play.” – Samriddh

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