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At JBT we recognize that our global, diverse workforce of dedicated associates is our most valuable asset. With 6000+ employees spanning 25+ countries, the cultural differences and the variety of ideas that our employees bring in help us to continue to improve and innovate to drive growth and success.

We are committed to respecting and valuing all of our employees, embracing and celebrating their differences and creating a culture of inclusiveness and belonging. Since our inception in 1884, our employee’s journey has been a critical part of our story as a company and one that we are proud of.

Meet Our People

Zul Syarif
Ahmad Zulfikar Syarif -  Indonesia

“I have been fortunate to be surrounded by people; who really care about their jobs and are generous in sharing knowledge for the purpose to ELEVATE the teams."
Albertus Radityo

Albertus Dipo -

"Work at JBT gives me an opportunity to meet people and see places around the world! It is a valuable experience to work with as a team at JBT."

Andrea Misanovic - 
Ogden, Utah, USA

"I love the people I work with; everyone really comes together as a team and helps each other out in tough situations.”

Brian Trent -
Madera, CA, USA 

“I’ve been here for quite a long time, and the reason why is because the people are a bonus. Management is really involved, and because of this, we’re able to develop personal connections with leadership."

Diego Ulloa -
Madera, CA, USA

“JBT has given me lots of opportunities to learn in a variety of areas. Not only is the company growing, but management is composed of leaders who love to develop and to grow its employees. As a company, they value good work.”

Majid El-Achkar -
Helsingborg, Sweden

“The best thing about working at JBT is that there are always opportunities to develop. I also enjoy working with customers in an industry that always requires our enthusiasm and drive to deliver high quality and competitive solutions to our customers.” 

Nedjada Ribic - 
Helsingborg, Sweden

"I feel very lucky to have found such a good workplace and colleagues. It´s been challenging, educational and fun!”

Sam Mudgal -
Lakeland, FL, USA 

"Every day, I meet and talk with people from all around the world—Belgium, Parma, Spain. From growing acquisitions to stable stock increase, the company continues to grow, and I love being part of a business that desires continual progression.” 

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Diversity Days

February is Black History Month
March is Women's History Month
April is Autism Awareness Month & Diversity Month
May is Asian Pacific American Heritage Month
June is LGBT Pride Month
September is National Hispanic Heritage Month
October is National Disability Month
November is National Native American Heritage Month

More From Our Teams

JBT Thailand
JBT Thailand celebrating "Company's Buddhism Merit Making Ceremony." Great initiative and great way to celebrate their successes.
JBT Sandusky, Ohio sponsored Sandusky Pride and in June flew the Pride flag below the American flag. We will fly this flag every June during Pride Month to show our Commitment to “Community of Unity!”
Celebrating our Women on Women's Day at JBT Parma, Italy. Women are a huge part of our company and we love the idea of celebrating their contributions on their day.

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