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At JBT, we have a long history of creating innovative products and technical solutions for food processing. But in addition, we have also gathered a vast knowledge of food processing and of how to use our equipment to create the best product. That’s why we want to be your partner and work together to grow your business, helping you develop products that are tasty, nutritious, healthy, safe – and competitive.

To grow our insights and to test new ideas, with the aim to help you develop your products, we have JBT Research and Technology Centers all over the world. They are knowledge hubs focusing on almost every aspect of food processing. Our specialists have conducted tens of thousands of application tests on a wide variety of food products. The lessons learned in the Research and Technology Centers are carried back to our customers processing plants around the world, but always with the highest regards for confidentiality.

We can simulate most of the processes found in the modern commercial citrus processing facility such as fruit calibration, juice extraction and finishing and oil recovery. We also offer a monthly citrus characterization program. generating yield and quality reports. For fresh produce, our in-house residue analysis program is designed to ensure that our field application of fungicides meets our quality standards – verifying that enough residue is present to provide decay control, without being excessive or exceeding domestic and international Maximum Residue Limits set by government regulations.

For processes including Filling & Closing, In-Container Sterilization we offer extensive thermal process expertise regarding virtually all low and high acid foods in nearly every type of sterilizing system and every type of package by virtue of our position as a recognized thermal process authority. Our experts can also guide you when it comes to Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing, blow molding and retail aseptic filling.

JBT has the packaging innovations you need including automatic clipping solutions with JBT Tipper Tie which offers solutions for clipping, netting, bagging, and labeling for each and every level of production. From a finished product standpoint, JBT Proseal has the ability to seal over 35,000 variants of tray shapes and sizes, allied with suitable top films and is armed to help and advise you in the ever-developing sector of Tray sealing solutions.

We can also help you with your recipe for JBT Avure HPP by proofing it in our food science kitchen and testing it on a full-size production machine. We’ll work with you to adjust the formulation to optimize flavor, texture, and appearance, give advice about flavor profiles and make recommendations for modifying recipes to create a delicious HPP product.

For developing and ensuring customised solutions to food processors we have special FoodTech Research and Technology Centers which can simulate production at the process stages of portioning, coating, frying, cooking, freezing, chilling & proofing ensuring the final product requested. We can provide you with flexible and customised solutions that run like clockwork, deliver maximum uptime, match your toughest hygiene demands and make your processing profitable. With the world’s largest database with application tests and more than 30 years of experience in processing across the entire food processing continuum, from meat, plant-based, seafood and poultry, to fruit and vegetables, baked goods, and convenience foods , we know how to make the most out of your product in terms of taste, yield, and consistency. At our Food Technology Centers, we provide training and equipment demonstrations to develop new product ideas and enhance existing processes. Our experienced staff have access to more than 10.000 database applications, which are combined with their knowledge to deliver innovative methods to a wide range of products. The Food Technology Centers are fully equipped with JBT’s equipment.

So, if you are interested in developing your existing products and processes, or creating a completely new one, don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced food processing experts.


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Together we will grow your product portfolio

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