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Full-service solutions so you can grow with confidence

At JBT, we are committed to your success and our aim is to be your partner for the long run. For us, delivering a scalable state-of-the-art food processing solution is not enough. We want to work together with you to grow your business and to share our knowledge, helping you optimize your operational performance, maximize your uptime and financial predictability with predictive maintenance while reducing your total cost of ownership.

Being a full-service partner means that we can supply you with all the solutions and knowledge you need regardless of what kind of food you are processing. It also means that we offer flexible solutions that are easily scalable when your business is growing and that we guide you in finding the best set-up for your needs. But most of all, it means being committed to securing that your operation is as efficient, stable, and optimized as possible – today and in the future.

Predictive maintenance
As a longtime partner to the food industry, JBT knows how important it is to secure equipment operation and reduce the total cost of ownership by preventing unpredicted downtime and ensuring optimal performance. We also understand that every company has its own setup and needs a flexible service solution. That’s why we have created PRoCARE, our service concept for a good night’s sleep.

PRoCARE gives you scheduled preventive inspections and maintenance of your equipment by a JBT service technician, minimizing unexpected and significant expenses for reactive maintenance. The service agreement is designed to provide a predictable monthly cost based on actual equipment use for each machine it covers and simple administration that’s easy to understand.

Agile support
In addition, we also offer different levels of support. Besides essential phone support during office hours, we have an emergency service where a service technician will be at the site within a specified time if a breakdown occurs. We can offer remote support on our modern equipment by connecting to the machine and remotely accessing the data to locate the issue. That way, we can see current alerts and address them without visiting the site. We also offer PRoSIGHT, an augmented remote assistance platform that provides remote support by using the customers’ own smart phone. The service can then be enhanced by providing the customer with our smart safety glasses. With this feature, customers can get support from a real-time JBT service technician for immediate troubleshooting as well as for maintenance operations.

Continuous training
Another critical aspect of reducing the cost of ownership and maintenance is how you handle the equipment. And when it comes to optimizing the operation of your equipment, there is no substitute for knowledge. But staff turnover can deplete your knowledge base and affect your productivity. That’s why continuous training is an essential part of the PRoCARE service concept. We provide staff training tailored to your needs in operation and maintenance, cleaning, productivity solutions, control systems, and food safety.

Want to know more about how JBT can help you as a full service partner? Don’t miss the opportunity to meet our food processing experts and find out how we can support you.


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