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Grow your automated fresh produce processing with JBT FTNON

As a food processing company within the fresh cut industry, you know that manual labor is hard to replace with robotics that are both reliable and efficient. At the same time, you must always strive to increase yield and processing speeds. That’s why JBT has put a lot of effort and research into developing robotic solutions and thermal processing equipment for the food industry, including ready meals and pet food. Whether it’s processes like pre-processing, slicing, washing, drying, mixing, blanching, steaming, or cooking, we will be your partner and help you grow your business.  

JBT FTNON equipment and process solutions are based on in depth knowledge of the challenges food processing companies face, and a strong in-house project and engineering team developing “turnkey” solutions. We have  high-end manufacturing and assembly of production lines and stand-alone machines for food processing and a proven R&D with patented robotics and process technologies.

Groundbreaking robotic solutions
One example of how JBT FTNON has developed new groundbreaking robotic solutions is the JBT FTNON CoreTakr. This unique solution for decoring fresh produce is designed with an intelligent robotic decoring technology and product management data system. A robotic system, controlled through a touchscreen interface, is used to decrease the repetitive human labor in a safe and hygienic way. The management system allows for all incoming product data to be stored, providing predictive maintenance, optimizing machine effectiveness, and ensuring product quality. The CoreTakr has patented grippers for grasping and manipulation of fresh products in a safe and hygienic way, uses camera and vision technology to recognize the product and understand the spatial surrounding. It has a capacity of 450 heads per hours with up to 95% accuracy for decoring.

Meet our food processing experts
Anuga FoodTec | Cologne Germany | 26/04/22 – 29/04/22 | Hall 6.1, Stand D030 & F049 

Don’t miss the opportunity to discuss your business and challenges with our food processing experts. Together we can target the machines that best accommodate your products, production lines, line speeds and changing product specifications to increase automation, improve your product yield, reduce food waste, and increase productivity.


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