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In tomato processing, the highest peeling volumes and efficiencies are achieved with friction from rubber cords.Our Rubber Cord Scrubber removes tomato peels with the highest reliability and lowest downtime available in the industry given the specially designed rubber cords which remove the soft, loose peels from the tomatoes.An internal spiral mixes and moves tomatoes gently through the rotating drum. The tomatoes then exit the scrubbing phase over a sliver remover and enter the Pinch Bed.

Features & Benefits

  • Very compact and easy to install
  • Quick changeovers and product flow adjustments
  • Low maintenance costs, high speed and high efficiency
  • NEMA 4 control panel with E-stop and soft-start stations
  • Rotary drum with internal spiral and variable speed provides smooth and flexible flow capacity
  • Flexibility in peel removal aggressiveness to accommodate different tomato varieties
  • Reduces post-peeling labor


  • Drum speed between 18 and 30 RPM
  • Overall capacity of 50-60 T/hour (45.4-54.4 MT/hour)