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Our XVision CCPX-Pack Curtainless X-ray Inspection System has made contaminant detection of foil stick packs much easier. With industry-leading CCPX technology, JBT XVision systems are simple to maintain and operate. The modular plug-and-play source, processor and control modules reduce cost of ownership and allow for unsurpassed uptime. With operator controls that simplify training, XVision will stay on specification longer offering the best protection available for your customers and brand.

Features & Benefits

  • Application-optimized software enables detection through foil stick packs
  • Curtainless design prevents product from being impeded as it enters the X-ray tunnel 
  • Interlocked, extended safety covers for fast removal and cleaning 
  • Belt width of 355mm (14in.)
  • Single push arm rejection with locking bin
  • Capable of detection through foil seals and pouches
  • Low-pressure washdown
  • Internal cooling operates up to 110º F (40º C)
  • Fast line speeds, up to 200 fpm


  • Applications: General bakery, confectionery and packaged foods 
  • Belt width: 406mm
  • Detection Aperture (w x h): 355.6mm x 2.3mm
  • Maximum Conveyor Speed: 0.762 m/s
  • Max Throughput (PPM): 450-600 ppm
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 110°F (40º C)
  • Utilities: Power-230 VAC 1-Phase/Air – 90-120psi