Case Ready and Meat Slicing Solutions


Red Meat and Pork Processing

To keep pace with grocery and consumer demand, as well as with the competition, food processors must offer the highest-quality case-ready products at competitive prices. To achieve this, they must cut processing times and reduce labor in order to maximize hygiene and shelf-life to  deliver the safest, tastiest, most aesthetically pleasing product possible.  Compound that with USDA inspection considerations, and effective case-ready processing can pose quite a challenge.

Our unique understanding of exacting red meat and pork product parameters, at every stage in the processing cycle, lead to the development of a comprehensive, full-line case-ready solution for all of your protein processing needs. 

Trusted Brands

Crust Freezing

  • Improve efficiency
  • Superior quality
  • Minimize dehydration & maximize yield


  • Slice a variety of products - from thin slices to steaks & chops
  • Minimize waste & maximize yield
  • Eliminate changeover & reduce downtime


  • Achieve maximum yields
  • Maximize throughput & reduce labor with automated portioning 
  • Handle a wide variety of cut strategies

Tray Loading

  • Reduce labor & improve hygiene
  • Accommodate a variety of loading orientations
  • Manage catch weight or fixed weight packs

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