XVision FlexScan is a completely new flexible modular technology platform from JBT for contaminant detection in wet or dry production environments. It will allow customers to achieve tailored levels of performance to meet ever changing and more complex detection criteria. With the ability to quickly update detection technology your business will have the ability to become more efficient, secure new business and seamlessly adjust to new regulations.

Features & Benefits

  • Detection of full range of contaminants to include metal, stone, glass and calcified bone with more to come
  • Many application uses – Raw protein, case ready, prepared foods, produce, grains, bakery, snack foods
  • Capable of achieving USDA re-claim specification in most protein products to minimize rework
  • Integrates with other JBT iOPS enabled equipment for a complete line solution
  • Sized to fit after or before most portioning, freezing, marination or deli equipment JBT and other manufacturers
  • Multilane, push arm and retractable nose rejection types available
  • Automatic software controlled scan rate adjustments to maintain detection performance at all line speeds
  • 18 month or 15,000 hr source warranty standard


  • Ultra reliable CCPX™ – Critical Control Point X-ray 
  • Modular technology platform
  • Remote monitoring of source alignment to ensure optimal performance with JBT PRoCARE
  • Higher detection performance with lower rejection rates
  • Application software modules available so Flexscan’s capabilities can grow with your business
  • New ultra fast and reliable operating system with dual quad core processing
  • Recipe driven application learning for easy product training and higher detection performance
  • FSQA (Food Safety and Quality) support with automated events and tracking through iOPS
  • Radiation shielding for optimal operator safety
  • RFID secure and monitored user access levels