Simplify your quality-assurance processes with JBT’s cutting-edge contaminant detection system and fortify your brand’s reputation

For years, food processors have had to rely on outdated and inefficient metal-detection systems to meet their quality assurance needs. JBT’s revolutionary XVision™ CCPX™ technology has revolutionized contaminant detection across a wide range of industries and processing applications. 

In the food and beverage industries, you need to identify foreign materials in your products quickly, efficiently, and consistently in order to protect consumers and maintain a solid reputation. JBT’s XVision CCPX-Tall X-ray system helps you do just that and more, offering you the most advanced X-ray contaminant detection and quality control for cans, jars, bottles, and TetraPak in the beverage industry. Not only does the system provide more reliable and precise detection, but its low-maintenance design and intuitive operation requirements also simplify your production line(s) and lower your overall cost of ownership.

Applicable across a variety of distinct markets – from baby food and dairy to juices, soups & sauces, and pet foods – you can count on the Vision CCPX-Tall X-ray system for all your beverage and liquid detection needs.

Features & Benefits

JBT has always strived to provide high-tech solutions that streamline the production process while protecting the safety of brands and their customers. With the Xvision CCPX-Tall X-ray, processors can rest assured that their machine will detect contaminants accurately and precisely, while also reducing downtime and lowering the total cost of ownership.

  • Advanced detection capabilities – Application-optimized software allows accurate detection of contaminants through a broad range of barriers such as foil seals, lining, and packaging.
  • Comprehensive functionality – The CCPX-Tall X-ray offers configurations that allow contaminant-detection, fill-level, and weight-check functions to run simultaneously, boosting efficiency and reducing labor costs.
  • Flexible application – The system is designed to operate effectively at a variety of  product sizes and can process units up to 280mm tall.
  • Automated organization – The highly sophisticated push-arm rejection system is dead lane operational and can be paired with a collection tray or locked bin to simplify and modernize your production line.
  • High-tech performance – Side-shooting technology ensures complete and in-depth inspection of each individual product and fill level.
  • Hygienic design – The system offers high-pressure cleaning technology with IP69K design for easy sterilization and superior product safety.
  • Adaptable cooling system – The CCPX-Tall X-ray’s internal cooling system can operate up to 100ºF (40º C).
  • Simplified maintenance – The system can be deconstructed without the use of other tools, allowing for quick and easy upkeep and cleaning.

Flexible, Robust Detection For Diverse Applications

Don’t let the XVision CCPX-Tall X-ray system’s simple, compact design fool you. It’s capable of detecting even the smallest fragments of foreign material in a broad range of products in the food and beverage industry, regardless of the type of packaging. The system offers reliable and accurate detection for jars, cans, bottles, and TetraPak for the following markets:


How does XVision CCPX work?

The incredible experts at JBT have decades of processing research and development under their belts. They know the industry like the back of their hand, and they recognized the need for new and improved food-safety and quality-assurance technologies to replace the antiquated machinery that processors previously had to rely on. Their solution was XVision CCPX (Critical Control Point X-ray) technology. This cutting-edge, simple, and flexible detection system can identify a wider range of foreign matter in a greater variety of food and beverage products, regardless of packaging or sensitive product states. 

Is The XVision CCPX-Tall X-ray compatible with iOPS?

Absolutely. At JBT, one of our primary objectives in everything we do is to help make your life easier. JBT iOPS is designed to do just that, collecting performance data directly from your equipment and uploading it to a military-grade secure cloud service in real time. From connection to transmission and storage, all the resulting data is fully encrypted with two-factor authentication. JBT iOPS is compatible with many of our processing solutions – including the XVision CCPX-Tall X-ray – and can help you make informed decisions, catch potential roadblocks before they occur, and improve your operating efficiency over time.

Does the XVision CCPX X-ray require extensive training to operate?

JBT’s line of high-tech solutions is designed to offer you the most advanced operational equipment on the market while also streamlining your processing systems and making your job easier. That’s why the XVision CCPX X-ray offers flexible configurations with intuitive operator controls that allow for minimized and simplified training requirements. With a focus on automation and ease-of-use, you’ll also experience more efficient uptime and fewer breakdowns.

JBT – Innovation Never Stops

Ever since we got our start in FoodTech over a century ago, the JBT name has been synonymous with technological progress. We never settle for “good enough.” When we meet a goal, we immediately set a new one. Our partners rely on our commitment to innovation to bring them better and more advanced solutions, and we take that seriously. 

When you make the decision to work with JBT, you get more than top-quality processing solutions. You become part of our family, and we’re committed to helping you achieve your goals and broaden your horizons with targeted solutions and unmatched customer support at every level, wherever you are in the world.

Centers of Innovation

As a JBT partner, you’ll get more than high-tech equipment. You’ll also gain access to the most sophisticated research facilities in FoodTech. With more than a dozen international Research and Technology Centers, you’ll have the opportunity to collaborate with JBT’s specialists, test new machines and configurations, perfect your recipes and production line(s), and get personalized insight from experts in the field of processing technology.

A Dedicated Support Team at Your Fingertips

Our mission is to provide practical solutions that target specific challenges in diverse industries around the world. When you work with us, you get access to a globally recognized support team. Our experts are available day and night to offer you the individual assistance you need to address your concerns, get insight into market trends, and take advantage of reliable solutions to suit your needs and operation.

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