Product Category

Our XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 with Single Push Arm and the XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 Curtainless have made X-ray contaminant detection of pies, bakery and packaged products simple. With our industry leading CCPX technology, JBT XVision systems are simple to maintain and easy to operate. Our modular plug-and-play source, processor and control modules reduce cost of ownership and allow for unsurpassed uptime. With simple training and operator controls, you can be assured that XVision can train more easily and stay on specification offering the best protection for your customers and brand.

Features & Benefits

  • Application optimized software ignores foil pie plates while still inspecting 100% of the product
  • Available curtain-less design prevents damage to bakery products and delicate pies
  • Interlocked extended covers for safety compliance
  • Immune to foil packaging
  • Equal stainless steel and ferrous metal detection
  • Dynamic box edge detection for 100%product inspection
  • Low-pressure IP65 washdown
  • Variable speed conveyor to match existing line speeds
  • Fast line speeds up to 150 fpm


  • Applications: General bakery, confectionery and packaged foods 
  • Belt width: 406mm
  • Detection Aperture (w x h): 355.6mm x 2.3mm
  • Maximum Conveyor Speed: 0.762 m/s
  • Max Throughput (PPM): 450-600 ppm
  • Operating Temperature: Up to 110°F
  • Utilities: Power-230 VAC 1-Phase/Air-90-120psi