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Streamline and fortify your contaminant-detection process and protect your brand and customers

The innovative XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 X-ray system has transformed X-ray contaminant detection of packaged foods, pies, and bakery items. With JBT’s industry-leading CCPX (Critical Control Point X-ray) technology, our XVision systems offer unmatched accuracy and reliability while maximizing uptime. Both the XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 Single Push Arm and the XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 Curtainless designs are simple and easy to operate and maintain. 

With a modular “Plug-and-Play” design, an intuitive infrared touchscreen, ultra-fast QNX operating software, a robust stainless-steel construction, and simple operator controls, our XVision solutions are built to minimize your total cost of ownership and streamline your operations. 

Bakery quality control has never been so simple or flexible. Gain a competitive edge and harness the power of technology to protect your workers, customers, and brand reputation.

Features & Benefits

At JBT, we work tirelessly to bring our customers the most advanced technologies in FoodTech while adhering to the strictest standards of safety and precision. Our XVision systems are no exception. Here are some of the advantages of choosing JBT’s XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 X-ray system to meet your bakery quality control needs:

  • Seamless integration – With a variable-speed conveyor that can match existing line speeds up to 150 fpm and an intuitive infrared touchscreen for easy operation across a range of applications, the XVision CCPX Pack 1408 is built to deliver robust contaminant detection without disrupting your existing production line(s).
  • Two design options – Choose between the CCPX-Pack 1408 Single Push Arm and the CCPX-Pack 1408 Curtainless designs depending on your needs; the curtainless design is ideal for protecting light and delicate products, while the single-push-arm option is compact and offers maximum flexibility.
  • Superior precision and versatility – With equal stainless-steel and ferrous metal detection capabilities, the XVision CCPX Pack 1408 offers accurate and reliable contaminant detection across a wide range of general-bakery, confectionary, and packaged-food production needs.
  • Foil-immune technology – Application-optimized software easily ignores foil pie plates while still inspecting 100% of a given product.
  • Reduced cost of ownership – With tool-less breakdown for easy cleaning and no alignment or calibration needed on source or detector replacement, both the curtainless and single-push-arm versions of the XVision CCPX Pack 1408 are built to minimize maintenance requirements and overall cost of ownership.
  • Improved user safety and ease of use – With FDA-compliant radiation shielding, a robust stainless-steel construction, and a simple and easy-to-navigate infrared touchscreen, you can rest assured our bakery X-ray solutions are designed with safety and simplicity in mind.

Innovative FoodTech Solutions Backed by Reliable Support

At JBT, we never stop testing the boundaries of technological advancement. Since the late 1800s, we’ve consistently set and reached new goals in FoodTech. But throughout the years, as the food-processing machinery we design and manufacture have continued to evolve, one thing has remained the same – our commitment to high-quality, consistent customer support.

Both the XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 Single Push Arm and the XVision CCPX-Pack 1408 Curtainless are JBT iOPS enabled and you’ll gain access to our remote support portal. With iOPS, you can see potential roadblocks before they occur, capture performance data directly from your machinery, analyze it in real-time, and act on it immediately. You can rest assured that when you need support, advice, maintenance, or replacement parts, we’re here to respond.


What is XVision?

Backed by years of secondary and further processing research, JBT’s experts saw the need for new technologies in the food-safety space to replace antiquated metal-detection technology. They dedicated themselves to solving this problem, and the result of their rigorous research and hard work is JBT XVision. With this cutting-edge technology, processors have the ability to detect a broader range of foreign matter, regardless of sensitive product states or conductivity properties. XVision can also see through foil packaging and eliminates uninspected “dead zones” in packaged products, improving food-safety outcomes for consumers around the world.

What’s the difference between the curtainless and single-push-arm models?

The XVision CCPX Pack 1408 is available in two designs. The curtainless design has a larger footprint and is designed to protect lightweight and delicate products during the detection process. The single-push-arm design is more compact and delivers maximum flexibility. Both are equipped with integrated 1800 BTU cooling and can be broken down without the need for tools, which enables easy and convenient cleaning. 

What products can the CCPX Pack 1408 detect contaminants in?

The XVision CCPX Pack 1408 is designed to accurately and efficiently detect contaminants in a wide range of bakery items, pies, and packaged foods. These include cakes, muffins, cupcakes, pies, desserts, and more. XVision’s foil-immune technology is built to easily detect contaminants through foil pie plates and other packaging.

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When JBT first got its start in the FoodTech industry over a century ago, we dedicated ourselves to the unrelenting pursuit of progress and innovation in food production. As we’ve continued to push the boundaries of technological progress, we’ve stayed true to our core values of integrity, collaboration, and thoroughness. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to processing. We offer targeted solutions to specific problems. We take the time required to understand the challenges you face in your unique markets, and we’re committed to helping you solve them.

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When you choose to work with JBT, you’re getting much more than a FoodTech equipment manufacturer. You’re becoming part of a family. We invite you to join us at our cutting-edge, collaborative Research and Technology Centers, where you’ll get the chance to work directly with our experts – some of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry – as you test new machines, experiment with different production-line setups, and refine your recipes and processes. 

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At JBT, we know that we can only achieve our goals by helping our customers achieve theirs. We take our responsibilities as a trusted partner and FoodTech-industry leader seriously. Our support team is knowledgeable, reliable, and dedicated. We’re here around the clock to offer you high-quality support and service when you need it.

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