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Detect even the smallest fragments of metal, bone, buckshot, and other contaminants with our industry-leading XVision inspection system for ground meat and poultry

Precise, efficient contaminant detection is an essential component of food production, especially when it comes to meat and poultry products. Identifying small fragments of foreign material accurately is vital in order to comply with regulatory standards and protect your customers and brand reputation. JBT’s CCPX™ Clean 2208 X-Ray system thoroughly inspects ground meat and poultry for contaminants without slowing down or interfering with processing.

For too long, X-ray inspection for meat processors utilized outdated technology that involved extensive training, maintenance, and downtime. JBT, however, revolutionized the industry with its industry-leading CCPX (Critical Control Point X-ray) XVision technology systems, which are designed to simplify your operations, reduce maintenance requirements, and protect your brand and customers. The system’s “Plug-and-Play” source, processor, and simple control modules minimize the cost of ownership and increase uptime.

Take advantage of the most cutting-edge meat and poultry inspection technology on the market today to simplify your operations, meet every regulatory standard, and boost your profits.

Features & Benefits

Our expert engineers understand the unforgiving demands of meat and poultry processing. They designed and built the CCPX™ Clean 2208 X-Ray system so you don’t have to make sacrifices elsewhere to achieve high-quality contaminant detection. The system combines efficiency, precision, and cost-effectiveness. Here are just a few of its many features:

  • Comprehensive detection – Application-optimized software can detect tiny fragments across a broad range of foreign materials in bulk-flow ground meat and poultry products. These include the detection of bone, buckshot, stainless steel, and ferrous and non-ferrous metals.
  • Superior consistency and efficiency – The profiling infeed conveyor presents uniform product to the system, enabling best-in-class detection and consistent processing speeds.
  • Built-to-last – The CCPX™ Clean 2208 X-Ray is equipped with an internal cooling and condensation protection system that extends component life. No external cooling is required for production environments below 50º F (10º C).
  • Low-maintenance – The system can be broken down without the need for tools to allow for simple and easy cleaning.
  • High-speed performance – Depending on the product and line configuration, you can achieve high throughput of up to 30,000 lbs (13,607 kg) per hour.

The World’s Most Advanced X-Ray Inspection System

JBT’s XVision technology has revolutionized contaminant detection in food processing. Armed with years of processing research and accumulated industry knowledge, JBT’s experts recognized the need for new and better food-safety solutions to replace antiquated metal-detection systems. XVision can detect a broader range of contaminants – even tiny fragments – regardless of sensitive product states. 

With improved precision, reduced training and maintenance requirements, and fast and reliable QNX operating software, incorporating XVision into your production line(s) can take your operations into the future. Take advantage of our remote support portal and JBT iOPS for increased performance and efficiency.


Can the Clean 2208 X-Ray system detect buckshot and bone?

Absolutely. The system is designed to identify all contaminants commonly found in meat and poultry products, including bone, buckshot, and equipment hardware. XVision can also detect stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous metals, glass, dense rubbers, stone, and more. Our experts designed the technology to provide comprehensive contaminant detection to ensure compliance with government regulations and meet the strictest standards of food safety.

What other food products can XVision detect contaminants in?

While the CCPX™ Clean 2208 X-Ray system is optimized specifically for applications in the processing of meat and poultry products, JBT XVision is designed to detect foreign contaminants across a broad range of applications, from protein processing and bulk raw foods to liquid foods and packaged goods. Learn More.

Can XVision systems be integrated with JBT iOPS?

Yes. At JBT, we’re committed to continuous innovation and progress. We want our customers to have the information and support they need to make incremental improvements in their production-line configurations. Our range of XVision systems can be combined with JBT iOPS, which provides you with secure access to real-time performance data from any remote location. This ensures you have the information you need to troubleshoot issues and contact our support teams before you run into delays or unforeseen downtime.

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