The Proseal GT1-Lid is a fully automatic, in-line, lid placing de-nesting and tamping system designed to cut labor costs.The GT1-Lid system is designed to accept trays from any conveyors, clip lids onto film-sealed trays and take trays directly from a filling conveyor when no film lid is required. Through using the aforementioned features to avoid any loading errors, the GT1-Lid system can be fully integrated with any other in-line equipment including upstream tray-sealing machines.

Features & Benefits

  • Five-minute tool changeover
  • Fully portable and castor mounted
  • Simple and accurate lid de-nesting magazine, designed to be easily and safely loaded
  • Maintenance-friendly sub assembly construction
  • Machine can operate as a bypass conveyor when tray lidding is not required
  • All seven of the machine’s axes are servo driven for complete control
  • High accuracy tool alignment system provides a constantly accurate lid pick and place relationship
  • Simple design and operation
  • Low lid warning/error
  • Tray measuring system protects against misalignment and misorientated trays
  • Integration of peripheral equipment, such as: infeed and outfeed conveyors, checkweighers, metal detectors and printers.
  • Self-centring tray guides
  • Eseal® energy efficient electric seal system that boasts a massive increase in seal force and a 92% reduction in energy consumption.
  • ProMotion high accuracy continuous motion tray infeed system, which increases production speed whilst reducing machine duty.
  • QR Conveyors with quick release belts for easy hygiene and maintenance

Options & Models

  • eWON a machine connection system to deliver real time data and error condition support, remote setup, and software upgrades, using a customer’s existing IT network
  • I-film intelligent film reel monitoring system which actively adjusts film tension based on reel diameter to increase print quality and film reel efficiency, reduce component duty, and provides a film end warning system.
  • ProTect a contactless machine login and audit trail system
  • Active conveyors to allow the machine to be used as a straight through conveyor when packs don’t require sealing