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For solid pack apple producers, we offer the Apple Deaerating System, which removes the air from apple slices and blanches them before canning. It eliminates the entrapped air from the fruit to increase specific weight and avoid product oxidation. Furthermore, its clean and easy construction minimizes potential fermentation in the product.  

Features & Benefits

  • Automated system when adequate number of kettles are installed
  • Easy sanitary construction to clean, reducing chances for product fermentation
  • Very compact system permits single person loading and unloading, leading to labor savings
  • Reduced residence time of product leads to better quality products


  • System consists of a battery of several tall, conical- cylindrical stainless steel kettles
  • A steady platform holds the kettles and distribution belt which is fed by a gooseneck elevator
  • The product is discharged into a take-off bucket conveyor which drains excess water into a holding tank
  • The vacuum in the tanks is provided by vacuum pumps