Our Prime Whole Bird Chillers are time-tested, durable, heavy-duty solutions for rapidly reducing the temperature of whole birds after scalding and picking. Prime Whole Bird Chillers offer variable speed drives for the main screw and the windmilll unloader, allowing for fine tuning of bird dwell time and throughput. Integrates perfectly with a Prime Equipment Group custom filtering system to help reduce buildup of solids and add anti-microbials in the chiller.

Features & Benefits

  • Heavy-duty stainless steel construction for long life and ease-of-use
  • Variable-speed drive on the main auger to precisely tun bird dwell time
  • Variable speed drive on windmill unloader for optimum discharge rate
  • Proven design and durability reduce maintenance costs
  • Custom lengths and diameters available to fit any lout needs
  • Ideal for Prime Equipment Group’s water filtration systems to reduce chiller solids and add anti-microbials


  • Custom lengths and widths available — contact your Prime Equipment Group Regional Sales Rep for info.