The DCM by JBT Prime Quality-Check Console takes manual data-gathering and logging out of human hands when verifying product specifications like weight, color, shape, and irregularities to ensure final QA. Easily transportable on a cart to multiple stations, the console scans manually placed sample product from a line automatically, allowing for line adjustments to conform to required specs. Stores and displays data tables on screen.

Features & Benefits

  • Scans multiple products – patties, fillets, nuggets, more
  • Outputs data in Excel or SQL format for cross-compatibility
  • Eliminates the time delay and inaccuracies of manual logging
  • Easily transported to multiple locations on a cart
  • Data is recorded directly from machine and is available for remote retrieval instantly
  • Catch out-of-spec products quickly and easily
  • Faster and more accurate than manual logging


  • Electrical Requirements: 120V 60 Hz
  • Dimensions & Weight: H: 22.5” w/ant.; W 13.75”; D: 13.5”; approx. 35 lbs.
  • Production Rate: From 6 to 40 scans per minute, hand-placed, depending on scanning parameters