You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Understand

The MARS Trimming Efficiency System uses a weight-based system to grade trimmers on their speed, pounds processed and accuracy of removing the meat from the bone. Scoreboards in the plant, which are continuously updated, display the total pounds for the shift and the most recent average pounds trimmed per minute, allowing for real-time assessment of efficiency.

Features & Benefits

  • Make Informed Personnel Decisions – By understanding how each trimmer is performing, you can provide feedback on performance and even identify those who may need additional training to boost efficiency. In some cases, consistent poor performance can help identify workers who may be more suitable for a different job in the plant.
  • User Friendly, Touchscreen Controller – The proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller features a user-friendly interface that can be used to manage up to four weighing systems. The 7-inch touchscreen display enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers. The hopper system console displays the hopper name and total weight processed. Also, unlike other controllers, data is not stored locally, but instead is continuously uploaded and stored to a Microsoft SQL Server database — making data available to users via reports, charts, status screens, printing, automatic report emailing, alarms and many other useful features.