Wolf-tec/TVI Slicers

TVI slicers optimally portion any type of red meat, regardless of consistency and cut type, in terms of weight and minimization of leftovers.

ASR 300 Multipick

Our ASR-300 Multipick skewer robot takes care of feeding the sticks and trays, as well as the product skewering and the tray loading.

FPS 500 Euroline

Designed for manual and/or automatic filling of trays for catch weight and fixed weight portions.  

GMS 1200 Multicut

Provides the opportunity to extract more value from irregularly shaped or often underutilized muscles. It portions all types of red meat products – boneless and bone-in.

GMS 500 Singlecut

Portions almost all types of red meat with slice accuracy and high yield. It features up to 12 different cavities for different products. 

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