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Our Tomato Peel Pinch Bed operates in-line with all JBT peelers at the highest volumes they produce. In the processing line, the pinch bed follows a rubber cord scrubber to efficiently remove peels with a patented combination of opposite rotating rollers. Spray nozzles and rotating brushes clean the conveyer on the bottom side, while the side drip pans collect by-product into an auger for reuse. Peeled tomatoes are then discharged from the end of the Pinch Bed.

Features & Benefits

  • Reversing racks on pinch rollers included for self-cleaning
  • Minimized peel and pectin buildup due to rotating brush and spray nozzles
  • Hydraulic or Electric Drive Motor: Flexible installation requirements to meet customer needs


  • 12 and 16 foot lengths with sensing and cleaning options
  • General operating range reaches up to 50 t/hour (36.3-45 MT/hour) at full speed
  • Specializes in all varieties of tomatoes in order to peel off the skin that has previously been loosened by the JBT steam peelers