Our FTNON Knife Peeler is a continuously working machine, suitable for unpeeled and pre-peeled products like potatoes, celery roots, beetroots etc.

Features & Benefits

  • Biggest drum in the market, enabling highest efficiency
  • Dry and continuous peeling process
  • Peeling image as hand peeled product
  • No flat peeling, 100% all around knife peeled product
  • Smooth surface, therefore longer shelf life
  • Firm, dry waste, easy to transport
  • Lifetime knives, more than 2,000 operating hours
  • Reliable with wear-resistant parts
  • Perfect cleaning, if option removable auger is chosen


  • The peeler has a capacity of 3,493 kg (7,700 lbs) per hour
  • Controller retention time
  • Optimal batch size

Options & Models

  • Options
  • Removable auger
  • Pre-weighing unit
  • Weight control with load cells
  • Support frame