Tuna Vacuum Pre-Cooker Cooler

Tuna Vacuum Pre-Cooker Cooler | JBT FoodTech
If you’re looking to thaw and cook tuna fish efficiently, check out our Tuna Vacuum Pre Cooker and Cooler. We designed this model to thaw and cook tuna fish under steam vacuum-pressure and cool product under a steam ejector vacuum. With increased yield and uniform heat distribution, expect your products to be at the highest possible quality.
  • Capacity up to eight ton/cycle depending on fish conditions, species, varieties, size and cutting
  • Carts are automatically loaded and unloaded into the Cooker using a “drag chain” mechanical system
  • Increased yield
  • Uniform heat distribution inside the chamber
  • High final product quality due to lack of oxidation
  • Possibility to recover by-products (cooking broths)
  • Suitable to cook tuna fish, shellfish, cephalopod and others products
  • The cooking process is driven by TunaCAL™, a mathematical modeling software created to optimize the tuna precooking process and provide significant benefits in yield, consistency and quality
  • Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
  • Steam Ejector Vacuum System

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