Our Pulper/Finisher reduces tomatoes, fruits and vegetables to a semi-liquid or liquid state, according to customer needs. The process eliminates pits from stoned fruit pulp and separates seeds, skins and extraneous particulate materials from pureed pulp. Furthermore, our model runs at a high volume alternating from 20-60 tons per hour. 

Features & Benefits

  • High capacity with throughput ranging from 20-60MT/hour
  • Scraping action of the paddles minimizes the amount of usable product loss
  • Uniform product distribution by rotating baffles to the outer periphery of the chamber
  • All components are constructed of stainless steel and other corrosion resistant materials
  • Can be quickly disassembled for cleaning


  • The PF200 Pulper/Finisher specializes in baby food processing. In this case, it reduces the size of preheated pureed vegetables to transform it into a suitable format for baby foods purposes. Its processing capabilities also include mixing and blending ingredients (such as fruits and vegetable) during the finishing operation.