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IMAX SMARTline 300SL / 400SL / 600SL

The all-rounder series for use with a wide range of products. The Schröder injector can be instantly recognised by its hygienic design and the proven, robust drive concept. Available with two manifold variants (needle number and position), always equipped with retraction block (for bone-in products) and optional tenderizing block. The variable filter concept can be flexibly adapted to any brine conditions.With its three performance classes of 3 t, 4 t and 6 t of fresh meat per hour*, the optimal machine type can always be found for the production of pork, beef and poultry products.*Calculated assuming approx. 35 kg/m²


Technical DataIMAX Smartline – 300 SLIMAX Smartline – 400 SLIMAX Smartline – 600 SL
Support Width350 mm420 mm620 mm
Injection Area Per Hourup to 75m² (60 mm advance)120 m²178 m²
Capacity (at 35KG/M2)2,625 kg4,200 kg6,230 kg
Cycles Per Minute15–6015–6015–60
Advance20 / 40 or 60 mm40 / 8040 / 80
Chanel Height165/185 mm (option)185 mm185 mm
Number of Needles50 / 66 / 102100 / 170150 / 255
Steaker (option)26 quattro needles170 single knives255 single knives
Pressure Range0,5–5,0 bar0,5–4,5 bar0,5–4,5 bar
Machine Lengthapprox. 1850 mmapprox. 2160 mmapprox. 2160 mm
Machine Widthapprox. 950 mm
(approx. 2000 mm with doors open)
approx. 1250 mm/
2190 mm with FT 130
approx. 1450 mm/
2380 mm with FT 130
Machine Heightapprox. 2030 mmapprox. 2090 mmapprox. 2090 mm
Loading Heightapprox. 1100 mmapprox. 1200 mmapprox. 1200 mm
Electrical Connection3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60Hz or
3Ph/PE; 220V; 50/60Hz
3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60Hz or
3Ph/PE; 220V; 50/60Hz
3Ph/PE; 400/440V; 50/60Hz or
3Ph/PE; 220V; 50/60Hz

Options & Models

  • Brine tank FT 130
  • The FT 130 brine tank is also available as option. It supplies the IMAX SMARTline injector with up to 130 l of brine. Coarse particles are effectively filtered out using an externally scraping rotary filter. Brine intake is performed by the stationary suction filter, which can be quickly removed for cleaning purposes using the patented quick-release system. The brine tank achieves a high degree of utilization of the brine with a quantity of residual material of less than five liters. The cleaning position ensures fast and effective cleaning – there is a defined position for each part of the brine tank.