FlexiBulk – HPP Bulk Solution achieves three strong wins: capacity, sustainability and flexibility. Our increased capacity is due to improved packing density, 90% for liquid bulk fills, resulting in better throughput. We are making HPP more sustainable with the FlexiBulk’s capacity for multiple eco-friendly container options, such as cans and glass, not normally available to HPP. This reduces plastic waste in the environment, and the HPP reusable bags can be recycled.

The FlexiBulk delivers the maximum in HPP flexibility—the ability to run bulk and in-package products in the same cycle. This has never been done before. Ultimately, the FlexiBulk’s capacity, sustainability and flexibility add up a big win for food and beverage companies, processors, HPP tollers, and consumers.

FlexiBulk – HPP Bulk Solution Features


  • Increased packing density allows up to 80% increased throughput in the same machine


  • No machine modifications required
  • Ability to run bulk and packaged products in the same cycle
  • Different locations (or facilities) for filling and HPP processing


  • Reduce plastic waste in the environment
  • Multiple container options not normally available to HPP
  • Reusable bags can be recycled


  • Patent pending process
  • iOPS for troubleshooting and production reporting
  • Remote support for troubleshooting
  • Leverages JBT’s long history of aseptic processing