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JBT introduces a technology breakthrough in aseptic filling.

The AsepFlex Linear Pouch Filler is the only high capacity aseptic pouch filler for pre-made pouches in the market.

The AsepFlex filler aseptically fills up to 500 pre-made spouted pouches per minute.

It meets the highest aseptic standards following the FDA requirements for aseptically filled low‐acid food products.

The AsepFlex filler’s linear concept and pouch handling system provides outstanding flexibility and changes of pouch format or product performed in minutes without breaking the aseptic condition of the machine.

Features & Benefits

  • FDA approved for aseptically filled low-acid food products
  • Efficiency and reliability based on the proven technology of the AsepTec® linear bottle filler
  • Continuous runs of over 120 hours
  • High throughput up to 30,000 pouches per hour
  • Designed to handle pre-made spouted pouches to ensure low reject rates
  • Effective decontamination of the pouches and caps using hydrogen peroxide vapor
  • Precise filling
  • Low utility consumption
  • Sophisticated user interface and control system


  • Handles high and low viscosity products as well as products containing solids
  • Modular design allows configuration for a multitude of applications
  • Can be set up for full FDA aseptic or ESL (Extended Shelf Life) processing

Options & Models

  • The AsepFlex filler can technically be configured for multi-flavor filling or filling plastic bottles and pouches on the same machine.