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Corn Cutter Model SC-120 provides maximum product recovery, high throughput, low maintenance and automatic corn removal from the cob at high speed. Each ear is placed on the feed trough chain, tip end first.The stainless chain moves the ear of corn into the feed rolls. Two sets of feed rolls line the ear of corn up with the cutter head and move the ear into the cutter knives. The cutter knives are automatically opened for cutting by the feed roll gauging system.Kernels fall through the cut corn opening onto the customers product conveyor while the cob continues on through the head and is discharged to a takeaway conveyor. A water spray is directed into the cut-off corn area to minimize starch build up.

Features & Benefits

  • Ensures maximum product recovery regardless of variations in the size of individual ears
  • Quick stop capability provides added operational safety
  • High speed feed increases throughput capacity
  • Lower maintenance and reduced down time
  • Feed configuration flexibility
  • Longer run times, reduced down time, easier cleaning and honing of the knives
  • Long life with easy maintenance and reduced downtime


  • Automatic mechanical gauging adjusts the cutter knives to a pre-determined depth of cut
  • On signal braking action
  • High speed trough chain – 157′ (47.9 m) per minute
  • Minimum moving parts and one lubrication point
  • Manual or automatic feeding systems
  • Exclusive six (6) knife rotary cutting head assembly with specially ground blades
  • Rugged construction with stainless steel feed trough, roller chain, cutter head housing and guards

Options & Models

  • Model SC-120