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Our Polar Ice Chiller maintains brine temperature at injector.  We designed these units to maintain the desired brine temperature that is achieved with a primary mixer/chiller system such as our Polar Dissolvers – PDM/PDH models.  After the liquid has been circulated in an injector system, it begins to rise in temperature. Our Wolf-tec / Polar Ice chillers are completely self-contained units, which do not require anything beyond a single-phase 110V/220V power supply. Simply plug it in, and place the cooling head into the injector brine tank for efficient cooling.The Polar Ice chilling unit is connected to the chilling head via flexible hoses for coolant circulation. A small propeller maintains the flow of brine over the cooling head for maximum performance. It is important to note that we designed the Polar Ice chillers to maintain the brine temperature.  It should not to be considered as a primary mixer/chiller unit.

Features & Benefits

  • Self-contained portable chilling unit using glycol
  • Polar Ice chilling head can be used with in-house cooling system