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The Scalability of the AV-X

Scalability is more than just a buzzword in today’s business climate; it’s a mantra. Whether you’re starting a business, building a website or designing the next killer app, scalability is a precept that must be considered from the get-go, or you may have limited yourself before you ever got started.

Equipment that scales up as your company grows!

You’ve got the next hot product. Labored over it in your kitchen or garage or basement. You’ve developed The Next Big Thing that everyone will want. And of course you want to get it on the streets as soon as possible. But have you built the ability to expand into your plan? If a warehouse store or big box retailer comes calling, will you be able to pick up the phone?

Venture capital firms all want to see your plan for scalability before pulling out the checkbook. Because in today’s business landscape, the inability to grow leads to stagnation, and it’s all downhill from there.

Enter the AV-X, the world’s first scalable HPP machine. The new machines enable a producer to buy the machine that best suits their current needs, but as their company grows and their volume expands, the machine can be expanded to keep up with increased demand.

“The problem we saw was that many producers were starting out small but quickly found that demand for their product necessitates ramping up volume,” said Jeff Williams, CEO of Avure Technologies. “The AV-X enables them to buy the size machine they need today but doesn’t limit them as their business increases. The equipment scales up as their company grows.”

The AV-X scalable HPP machine has a flexible design with a smaller footprint to suit individual production needs. It also reduces energy consumption by as much as 50%, resulting in lower energy bills for the customer.

“Newly-designed intensifiers, easier to maintain parts, large-diameter vessels built to accommodate larger, bulky or odd shaped packages as well as the largest diameter baskets available are all part of the design,” Williams said. “With the money customers can save on the lower operating costs of the AV-X, the expense of upgrading to the next level when they’re ready is essentially paid for with their cost-savings.”