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HPP Food Services Expands AV-X HPP Machine

When HPP Food Services in Wilmington, California, near the port of Los Angeles, purchased a high pressure processing (HPP) machine, they wanted one that would allow them to expand their capacity as they grew. So they chose the JBT-Avure expandable AV-X.

That’s foresight.

“When we were researching HPP machines, we had our eye on the future and wanted to be very efficient with what we chose,” said Susan Ricci, CEO of HPP Food Services. “With the AV-X, we could purchase just one machine instead of two, and increase the capacity when we were ready. ”

In just three days, a JBT-Avure team upgraded the AV-X

And now HPP Food Services has expanded their AV-X. In just three days, a JBT-Avure team upgraded the AV-X, increasing the capacity from being able to process 40 million pounds of products per year to 60 million. And without significantly increasing the footprint on the production floor.

“The expansion has allowed us to keep up with our customers’ production needs as the demand for clean label products has increased,” Ricci said. “The increased throughput will enable us to process more products at a faster rate.”

JBT-Avure’s larger basket sizes contribute to the increased throughput as well, and are perfect for every size container, whether it’s the 2-ounce “shot” bottles, large 59-ouncebottles, and most other shapes and sizes of containers. HPP Food Services can handle everything that benefits from HPP, increasing shelf life without chemical preservatives of products like salsas, hummus, wet salads, baby food, ready-to-eat meals and more.

HPP Food Services have been in the HPP food business from the beginning of its rise in popularity. Starting in 2011, the team of experts at HPP Food Services has remained largely unchanged since they started.

“We’ve developed knowledge and experience with all facets of HPP and support our customers with everything from recipe development to packaging,” Ricci said. “Customers can walk in here with a recipe and their completed HPP product comes out the other end, ready for the grocer’s shelf. We have a close working relationship with Dr. Errol Raghubeer and the team of food scientists at JBT-Avure, so the level of support we can provide our customers is phenomenal.”

HPP Food Services serves customer in greater Los Angeles, Orange County and southern California.