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If you are looking for tomatoes with superior peeled appearance, check out our Caustic Peeler. It optimizes the recovery of high quality whole tomatoes, captures and neutralizes tomato by-products and minimizes caustic solution use and disposal. As well, it offers high product quality with its automatic temperature controls and gentle product handling. 

Features & Benefits

  • Automatic temperature and density controls
  • Gentle product handling retains high product quality
  • Inverted bucket principle transports product while being completely immersed
  • Higher peeled tomato yield when compared to steam peeling, but overall lower recovery due to caustic contamination content of peel waste
  • Superior peeled fruit appearance


  • The CA-30 and CA-50 peel any type of tomatoes at high speed for the highest processing efficiency

Options & Models

  • CA-30: 22-36 MT/hour
  • CA-50: 41-54 MT/hour