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Our versatile ULTRACAT Junior injector is designed and manufactured in the USA to set the pace for controlled injection of bone-in or boneless meats. With needle configurations of 140, 210, or 280 and production rates up to 12,000 pounds per hour, MEPSCO injectors from JBT lead the way in uniform distribution, best moisture retention, and superior piece-to-piece accuracy. The efficient filtration system features a self-cleaning rotating drum filter to eliminate 95% of the solids and dual pressure filters to filter out additional solids before going to the needles.

Features & Benefits

  • 304 polished stainless steel exteriors for superior clean ability
  • Programmable touch screens
  • High output brine pumps


  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix controller with 7” PanelView Plus touch screen. 100 product presets to automatically set machine to products specs to achieve optimum percentage pickups. Also contains maintenance screens with trouble shooting screens and sanitation mode
  • Self-contained 7.5hp hydraulic air cooled power pack with 30-gallon stainless steel tank
  • Designed and constructed with U.S. manufactured components
  • 10hp 3A Approved Stainless Steel Centrifugal high output brine pump with stainless steel motor mounted under the filter tank for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • 60-gallon brine filter tank with mechanical float for level control
  • Self-cleaning rotating brine filter which has been redesigned to remove up to 98% of the solids in the primary filter
  • Two secondary diagonal brine mesh filters to prevent solids from entering the brine pump
  • Final external pressure filter that reduces solids from plugging the injector needles
  • Pressure sensor to detect pressure loss and high brine temperatures with pressure displayed on touch screen

Options & Models

  • 140, 210, or 280