This auger immersion chiller is an innovation in whole bird chilling – solving some of the biggest problems challenging poultry producers today. By reducing the chiller footprint, eliminating areas of bird damage and adding automated cleaning, the NEOCAT Chiller can increase yield while saving you time and money. 

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce footprint OR increase capacity by 30% – the choice is yours
  • Increase loads with an estimated load rating of 2,200lbs/ft – a significant increase over conventional auger ratings (1,600lbs/ft)
  • The first unloader that can be turned off during employee breaks without overloading – eliminating combos and resulting in increased yield and better uptime


  • Auger is built to handle more pounds per foot of bird load – run up to 175 birds/minute
  • New hanger bearing design keeps birds submerged and creates a more natural and constant bird flow through the auger
  • No overhead structures to damage birds 
  • Increase water levels without the threat of washback
  • Bird temperatures stay more consistent

Options & Models

  • Add JBT’s patented Clean-in-Place Technology to the NEOCAT Chiller and immediately cut labor costs and achieve greater plant efficiency.