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Nali Prchal Spreads the Word About HPP

Nali Prchal’s mind lies directly at the intersection of art and science. A Senior Food Technologist for JBT-Avure, Prchal combines keen scientific analysis with creativity […]

Scalability and the Food Entrepreneur

Scalability is crucial. You hear it everywhere, from business mentors, venture capitalists, and other successful food entrepreneurs. In its plainest form, scalability simply means that […]

Ready-To-Eat Foods Revolution

It’s a hectic world. It has been for a while now. And for the last 100 years or so, food producers have been coming up […]

Cold Pressure Council Launches HPP Certification Logo

This year, leaders in the high pressure processing (HPP) industry and food and beverage companies who use HPP as a key food safety measure, formed […]

Forecasting the Food Trends of 2018

Prognostication is a big part of staying ahead of the foodie curve. So, here are a few of the hot food trends for 2018. Clean […]

Fixing the Food Waste Problem

If you don’t think food waste is a problem, consider this: It’s estimated that over 40 percent of all food produced in the US is […]

New Food Scientist Joins the Avure Food Lab Team

The first time Renee Kirtman visited the Avure Test Kitchen, she was treated to a smoothie from the industrial-sized refrigerator in the corner of the […]

Scalable Machines Wow Crowds at Expos

Process Expo and Pack Expo might be in 2017’s rear-view mirror, but people are still buzzing about the latest innovation introduced by JBT-Avure at the […]

What Natural Means to Consumers

Natural Products. All-natural. Naturally. Surveys show that more than half of consumers seek out natural products with a natural food label. But there is no […]

Plant-based Proteins Hot in Cold Beverages

Protein is hot. High protein diets are trending and store shelves reflect those trends as well as fueling innovations in the beverage industry. Not just […]