Our Prime Automatic Gizzard Peeler (De-Liner) is a safe and labor-saving solutions for removing the inner lining from chicken and turkey gizzards. Two sets of rotating peeler rollers and a positive-feed indexing belt maintain positive product flow. Requiring no loader, and operating at speeds exceeding 80 pieces per minute, the auto-peeler maximizes gizzard processing efficiencies without sacrificing product quality.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduce labor associated with manual lining removal
  • Reduce injuries associated with other peeling methods
  • Improve operational efficiencies at up to 80 pieces per minute
  • Saves labor by eliminating the need for a loader
  • Increases worker safety and reduces injuries
  • High-Speed system maximized throughput


  • Electrical Requirements: 230/460, 3ph (others available)
  • Motor specifications: (1) 2 hp motor, (1) 1/2 hp motor 
  • Water Requirements: (1) 3/4″ NPT connection; 10 GPM 
  • Net Weight: Approx.: 400 pounds (181 kg)