The Signature Gate Series clippers provide cost efficient, one-step closing and clipping of bags and casings for a variety of food products including meats, cheeses, and poultry. These simple, gate-actuated, pneumatic clippers accommodate an array of package formats from netting to fibrous, collagen, plastic, and bulky animal casings.

Features & Benefits

  • Stainless steel / non-corrosive materials construction
  • Air filter regulator to reduce maintenance
  • Spooled clips to minimize reloads
  • Air driven
  • Minimal machine maintenance
  • Variety of clip sizes available
  • Adapts easily to existing production lines


  • Applications – sausage, deli meats, ham, fresh ground meats, netted meat and poultry, whole birds, non-meat proteins, fresh ground fish, surimi/sausage paste, raw/frozen/refrigerated pet food, cheese blocks, and nut paste/butter
  • Precise clip closure pressure control
  • 100 and 400 Series clippers use a power-driven cut-off knife for smooth bag tail trimming and an adjustable crimp control that enables the operator to tighten or loosen the clip

Options & Models

  • Vertical or horizontal mounted
  • No-knife clippers
  • Kit available for most 400 Series models to convert the stick clip assembly to a spooled clip
  • Right hand or left handed configurations available for 400 Series