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Let us increase your profits in fish and seafood processing by adding value and throughput to your process. We have the highest-quality processing equipment designed to help you lower unit costs while meeting consumers’ changing product demands.

JBT, the Source for Fish & Seafood Processing Equipment

JBT is a leading player in the design and manufacture of a full range of in-line food processing equipment, particularly in fish and seafood processing with a vast knowledge and expertise in injection & marination portioning, coating, frying, cooking, grilling, searing, chilling, freezing and high pressure processing.

Solutions from JBT Frigoscandia, the brand and company that effectively created the frozen foods market by inventing and bringing to market freezers like the FLoFREEZE®, the ADVANTEC and the self-stacking GYRoCOMPACT®.

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If global trends continue on the same path, people will be eating even more seafood in the coming years. Attention to personal wellness, interest in exploring different culinary traditions, improved economic buying power, and so on may be spurring this on. With the increased demand and visibility on product quality, you need flexible solutions that let your business:

  • Keep up with massive and quickly evolving consumer preferences
  • Consistently ensure safe products
  • Respond swiftly to technological, regulatory, or other changes

JBT has a long history of making this a reality. For over 60 years, we’ve collaborated with protein processors worldwide to create high-quality solutions that enable you to be successful.

The result? Our family of brands helps you meet market trends, lower costs, and develop new product offerings. Additionally, we leverage all of our lessons learned to further support your operations with stellar software, services, and maintenance. JBT’s the total package.

As a food producer, your challenge is to create products that are tasty, healthful, and secure. JBT is prepared to supply you with the equipment – and more – that you need to fulfill your mission.

All the Food Processing Solutions You Need

JBT can support a broad variety of food industries and applications. With our expansive range of high-quality equipment, you’ll be able to accomplish the many and diverse processes involved in your food production. Plus, we have upgrade kits and partsdetergents and lubricants, and services and maintenance that really make your set-up sing.

Better Equipment Makes for Better Food Processing

Anything that helps your business thrive is a good thing. This notion is at the core of all JBT products, with the goal of creating solutions that:

  • Ensure rugged, reliable equipment that will stand the tests of time and use
  • Streamline your operations and boost productivity
  • Make food processing and overall operations easier
  • Require less time for operator training and to get up and running
  • Address your specific needs and challenges
  • Facilitate hitting operational targets – like quality and efficiency goals

Because of this attention to detail and quality, you’ll experience:

  • Easier and minimal maintenance
  • Fewer and less severe operational issues
  • Less downtime due to operational issues

JBT, Your Ally in FoodTech

JBT has you covered, so there’s no need to keep searching for solutions to your end-to-end protein processing needs.

A Better Approach

At JBT, it’s not good enough to just sell you some equipment and services and move on. That doesn’t show you the attention and respect you deserve. And, it’s really not how we want to do business.

Instead, JBT aims to build an enriching, constructive long-term relationship with you. This way, we can serve you more thoughtfully and holistically now – and in the years to come.

Innovation & Testing Hubs

More than just test kitchens or labs, JBT’s Research & Technology Centers let you try out machines, explore production line configurations, and perfect your recipes and techniques. Plus, you’ll enjoy access to technical expertise and data. It’s truly a remarkable and unique JBT perk!

JBT Experts within Reach

JBT’s been in the FoodTech industry since the late 1800s, building up an impressive knowledgebase. We encourage you to take advantage of all this experience and expertise! Let our dedicated and talented team be your go-to resource.

We provide next-level support because we know running a food production company can be complex. There’s a good chance we have solutions to your challenges and answers to your questions. So, don’t hesitate to contact us with inquiries – we’re here to help you.


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