Optimize your production for better equipment control and operation with JBT iOPS®

With iOPS® manufacturers can capture more data, analyze it faster, and act on it immediately. Get access to important production effectiveness data in real time to locate bottlenecks and root causes through production and machine utilization reports. iOPS is based on agnostic technology to connect with your existing systems.

iOPS® collects data 24/7 and uploads to a military grade secure cloud service. From connection to transmission and storage, all data is fully encrypted with two-factor authentication.

By monitoring OEE & downtime, manufacturers can pinpoint failures within the Aseptic filling production environment. The data can then be analyzed and viewed from different angles with user friendly dashboards. The insights gained help to formulate improvement measures in your production line.


  • Analytic status reports
  • Real time trending available
  • Configurable alarms and triggers
  • Powerful drill-down reporting
  • Higher productivity at lower cost
  • Initiate work orders for maintenance
  • Central location of data in a single dashboard
  • Predefined set of managerial reporting available
  • Analysis on operational processes
  • Operational benchmarking to compare performance over time


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