Introducing the iOPS System from JBT.

iOPS from JBT


  • equipment uptime
  • profit per machine
  • process efficiency/throughput
  • labor productivity


  • equipment downtime
  • maintenance expense
  • cost of ownership
  • labor shortage/turnover impact


  • maximum ROI
  • optimum business results
  • the promise of Industry 4.0



iOPS is a new cloud-based performance optimization platform.

A secure big data analytics technology that gathers and analyzes your JBT equipment and process performance in real time.
A system that can inform your people when action’s required, or automate that action for lightning-fast response.
A solution that will maximize uptime, productivity and profit. Painlessly.
Painlessly because you don’t have to train your people to install or run it. We handle everything.
Real-time Equipment Monitoring
Machine Status

Production Summary

Overview of Current OEE KPIs

Quality Report

Alarm History Analytics

The iOPS System. Only from JBT.

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